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Candidates for Scenarios

====== List of Suggested Scenarios ======

This page collects ideas/requests for scenarios testing to be developed by Yardstick Project.
Add your suggestions to the table below.

Way of Working: The prioritization will be decided in the weekly meeting. Once a scenario is planned for implementation, a link to the Jira issue will be added.

Slogan Description Trigger Test cases Added by Prio
<slogan> <short description> <what is the trigger for the scenario, e.g. infra upgrade> <applicable test case(s) to re-use> <your name> <to be decided in weekly meeting>
Infrastructure upgrade Verify infrastructure requirements when performing infrastructure upgrade start infrastructure upgrade Ana C
Link failure Verify infrastructure requirements when a link failure occurs cause a link failure Ana C
Switch failure Verify infrastructure requirements when a switch failure occurs cause a switch failure Ana C
Block storage failure Verify infrastructure requirements when a block storage failure occurs cause block storage failure Ana C
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