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 ==== Collaborative Development Projects ==== ==== Collaborative Development Projects ====
-The following projects are related to collaborative development projects for the OPNFV reference platform.+The following projects are related to collaborative development projects''​*'' ​for the OPNFV reference platform. 
   * [[collaborative_development_projects:​OPNFV Telco KPI Monitoring]]   * [[collaborative_development_projects:​OPNFV Telco KPI Monitoring]]
   * [[collaborative_development_projects:​Rescuer]]   * [[collaborative_development_projects:​Rescuer]]
 +  * [[collaborative_development_projects:​ONOSFW]]
 +''​*''​ NOTE: Please explain what we mean by "​collaborative"​ development projects? How are these projects different than the other "​non-collaborative"​ development projects?
 +Are these projects that will work with other initiatives outside of OPNFV like OpenStack and OpenDaylight?​
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