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-====== ​Welcome to the OPNFV developer resources page. ======+====== ​Building, Hacking and Testing your patches ​======
-On this page you will //​eventually//​ find all resources needed to get started working with OPNFV and the tools to make your time enjoyable and hopefully as  productive as possible. ​ If there are items missing from this WiKi that you would like to see, either start the process of adding them or start a dialog on the OPNFV [[https://​​developers/​tools/​mailing-lists|mailing lists]].  ​ 
-==== Understanding OPNFV Projects ​and roles ==== +If you haven'​t done it already, please set up your account for Git/​Gerrit ​and other tools. ​ You can find help at  ​[[developer:​getting_started|Getting Started steps]].
-To understand how we run projects and coordinate our activities in OPNFV look into our [[developer:​projects_abc|Project ABC's]] page+
-==== Get Setup ==== 
-[[developer:​getting_started|Getting Started steps]] for setting up your account and working with Git & Gerrit and other tools (if you haven'​t done this already). 
-==== OPNFV Developer Tools Training ==== +Next, you will need some packages: //git// and //​git-review//​
-  * OPNFV tools overview: +
-    * [[https://​​_media/​opnfv_tools_training.pptx|Training session slides]] +
-    * [[https://​​watch?​v=MRSHJpiq1tc|Recording of March 272015 training session on YouTube]] +
-    * [[https://​​124473215|Recording of March 27, 2015 training session on Vimeo]] +
- +
-  * [[https://​​watch?​v=TsM4LV6cDr4|OPNFV Tutorial Video 1: User Account Creation]] +
-    * {{::​001_user_account_final.pdf|LFID slides}} +
-  * [[https://​​watch?​v=10Trp3ZKln0|OPNFV Tutorial Video 2: Introduction to]] +
-    * {{::​002_jira_introduction_final.pdf|Jira introductions slides}} +
-  * [[https://​​watch?​v=7QrwLT8fgbs|OPNFV Tutorial Video 3: Begin planning with JIRA - EPICs, Stories, Subtasks]] +
-    * {{::​003_jira_epic_story_workflow_planning_final.pdf|Planning with Jira slides}} +
-==== Building, Hacking and Testing your patches ==== +
- +
-First you will need some packages: //git// and //​git-review//​+
 Then git clone the project (with your ssh key). For example, to propose a patch to **BGS** (git repo name **genesis**):​ Then git clone the project (with your ssh key). For example, to propose a patch to **BGS** (git repo name **genesis**):​
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