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OPNFV documentation project

Project description:

  • Produce documentation for OPNFV releases including but not limited to:
    • Release notes
    • Installation guide
    • User guide
    • Any relevant references and interface specifications for OPNFV projects or components.
  • Include any architecture diagrams or specifications, reference to OPNFV requirements list.
  • Provide guidelines and tooling for documentation handling across all OPNFV projects

Current plans:

  • Set up a structure, and a template, for document development with source control (same as source code). Leveraging upstream documentation structure and tools.
  • Following as close as possible the same contribution process & tools as our source code
  • Structure OPNFV documentation logically
  • Develop initial set of release documents:
    • (A) Release note
    • (B) Install guide
    • (C) User Guide
  • Provide language options for documentation where applicable: In first release English only, Wiki (via HTML scraping from Gerrit), and PDF.
  • Provide tooling and processes for OPNFV projects to implement and follow for consistency

Key Project Facts

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  • Additional contributors
    • Bryan Sullivan (AT&T)
    • Trevor Cooper:

Description of roles in the documentation project:

  • Committers (Editors): has overall responsibility of document structure, editing, style and toolchains
  • opnfvdocs contributors: individual section will have contributors who are domain experts in those areas, other contributors may simply help out working on the documentation and tools as needed.
  • other projects: Committers will be responsible for maintaining documentation artifacts in project repositories.
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