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Documentation Projects

The following projects are related to development of documentation for the OPNFV reference platform.

Here’s what I think we wanted – let’s adjust and get this going.


  1. We would build a /doc folder for each project that is part of release 1.
  2. a documentation framework with readme, license, and other agreed files would be started for each project
  3. as part of the ci pipeline we would automate building html, pdf and other agreed files from the documents
  4. scraper links on opnfv wiki would be updated for each project to pull in content from the docs
  5. training on the above would be performed with weekly session to be run by the team doing this work
  6. adjustments would be made to track this
  7. all work tracked in jira and to be performed using the OPNFV build process.

The idea would be to jumpstart the documentation parts of each OPNFV project using the build tools. This serves these goals:

  1. each project will have working documentation as part of release 1
  2. each project will have a known good working build process
  3. OPNFV community members will have people to go to for help getting setup with the build tools
  4. we have a trusted on boarding process for OPNFV members
  5. we have experts already working with OpenStack networking to help us better integrate into the open source community

Project List Summary

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