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Fuel@OPNFV Brahmaputra work-package planning

Fuel@OPNFV plan for four work-packages and a consolidation period until the Brahmaputra release. Work-package 3 coincide with the overall Brahmaputra official code-freeze (Milestone E). Fuel will apply a soft code freeze policy for the Brahmaputra E-milestone, and will deploy yet another work package (WP4) before the hard code freeze policy is applied. A two weeks' consolidation phase is planned, leading up to the Brahmaputra release.

NOTE: The work-packages does not only involve Fuel@OPNFV project work, but equally important commitments and collaborative work from:

  • Collaboration projects seeking integration with Fuel@OPNFV
  • Infrastructure projects like: Releng, Octopus, Functest, Yardstick, etc.

Work-package 1



  • Rebasement of Fuel@OPNFV core to Kilo and Fuel 7.0 (Experimental branch), including build, deploy, test, OPNFV CI-pipeline, Fuel@OPNFV Developers' CI-pipeline…
  • First integration of Brahmaputra integration/collaboration projects (Fuel plug-ins). Goal is to get 4 projects onboard for WP1. Target system state for the integration is Juno and Fuel 6.1 (master branch)
  • Auto deploy of integrated projects.
  • Fully functional functest for Fuel@OPNFV core.
  • Func-test/Yardstick real or noop verification of integrated projects/plug-ins.


  • Kilo/Fuel 7.0 merged to master branch, Experimental branch released for Fuel 8.0 work

Definition of done:

Passing build-, automated deploy- and partially func-test.

Due dates:

  • Latest date for integrated projects to sign-up for WP1: Mon November 2 -2015
  • Latest date for a partially functional plugin commit (merge is not necessary): Tue Nov 10 -2015
  • Latest date for a functional Fuel@OPNFV core demo (Yoytube clip or otherwise): Fri Nov 13 -2015
  • Latest date for a partially functional plugin demo (Yoytube clip or otherwise): Fri Nov 13 -2015

Work-package 2


  • Collaboration/integration project freeze - no more OPNFV integration projects than those integrated at this time will be integrated with the Fuel@OPNFV Brahmaputra release - unless they come with upstream project integration in WP3.
  • Plugins/integration projects are required to be (re)based on Kilo/Fuel 7.0.
  • Fuel 7.0/Kilo is merged to master and the experimental branch will be used for Fuel 8.0/Liberty rebasing.
  • Hopefully a first alfa version of Liberty/(Fuel 8.0 up stream in work).


  • Full Kilo/Fuel 7 integration
  • Fully functional plugins based on Kilo/Fuel 7.0
  • Fuel 8.0/Liberty alfa version

Definition of done:

  • Passing build-, automated deploy- and smoke-test.
  • Definition of supported system state permutations and working automated deploy of those system states

Due dates:

  • Latest date for integrated projects to sign-up for Fuel@OPNFV WP2/Brahmaputra: Fri November 13 -2015
  • Latest date for a functional plugin merge based on Fuel 7/Kilo: Thu Dec 10 -2015
  • Latest date for a functional plugin demo (Yoytube clip or otherwise): Fri Dec 17 -2015

Work-package 3


  • Stable Fuel@OPNFV core rebase to Fuel 8.0/Liberty in experimental branch
  • Fully functional end-system-state plugins integrated with master/Fuel 7.0/Kilo
  • Soft code-freeze (no further feature code is allowed)
  • Fuel 8.0/Liberty merged with master branch
  • stable/brahmaputra branch created


  • Core Fuel@OPNFV rebased to Liberty/Fuel 8.0 including build, deploy, ci-pipeline, development ci-pipeline, rtc

Definition of done:

Passing build-, install- and part of the full func-test pipe-line.

Due date: Jan 5 -2016

Work-package 4


  • Hard code freeze
  • Fuel 8.0/Liberty rebase stable builds based on good/bad commit indications from Fuel upstream CI
  • Fully functional end-system-state plugins integrated with master/Fuel 8.0/Liberty
  • master branch is opened up for C-release development

Definition of done:

  • Passing build-, install- and most of the func-test for each of the defined system state permutations.
  • End Fuel@OPNFV Brahmaputra system state reached.
  • A demo showing the different options-, features and aspects of the Fuel@OPNFV Brahmaputra end system state (possibly together with Genesis and it's member installers)

Due date: Jan 15 -2016



Project release consolidation and stabelization.

  • (1) Release review 1: Jan 5 -2016
  • (1) Release review 2: Jan 15 -2016
  • (1) Release review 3: Jan 22 -2016
  • (1) Release review 4: Jan 27 -2016
  • (1) Release review 5: Feb 1 -2016 (Final release approval)
  • (1) – Reviews will continue until end of life support for Fuel@OPNFV Brahmaputra support –

(1): Release review is referred to as the process where the Fuel@OPNFV committers review the actual system stability and decides upon corrective actions. Corrective actions could be any of:

  • Gating commits to the stable branch
  • Assigning a task-force team to perform system stabelization activities/measures
  • Deciding to push features, not enough stable/not meeting enough test coverage to a comming release.
  • Review of documentation and guidelines.
  • Review and approval of deviations
  • Review and approval of maintenance/service release plan.

Feature owners/PTLs of integrated projects as well as the lead for the Genesis-, Releng-, Functest-, Yardstick- and Pharos project are expected to participate in the release reviews, but others than Fuel@OPNFV committers lack voting rights in case voting will become needed. As usual, TSC has the final say!

Definition of done: Released stable system including documentation, repeatably working ci-pipeline, repeatably passing fun-test, a 48 hours of stability test, release notes with documented deviations.

Due date:

  • Feb 2 -2016: Main release - "brahmaputra/sr0"
  • TBD: SR1 - "brahmaputra/sr1" (Likely mid March - with released Fuel 8.0 and high-priority bug-fixes)
  • TBD: SR2 - "brahmaputra/sr2" (Likely end April - with critical bug-fixes)
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