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* Milestone D - Thanks to the Jira work by Raghu R. we have met the C milestone. The next miles stone is D which, given that this is feature freeze and we are not proposing any new features, means we have already met those requirements. The next milestone is E, code freeze on 1/5/16, and that one is critical. The E milestone will sneak up on us so we have to get moving. Raghu R. will send an email to the ML encouraging everyone to checkout the Jira items and self assign any Jira item to themselves as appropriate.

* git tree - Lots of good discussion on the mailing list about the way to maintain our source tree. Note willing to change the way we are doing things this late in teh B-release cycle but we can consider doing it a different way for the C-release. This would be a very good session at the summit, Don D. will make sure such a session is proposed.

* IRC channel - Turns out our new, Europe friendly time, has a conflict with a prior meeting on the #opnfv-meeting channel. Don D. will look into finding a way to get another logging enabled channel available at the new time

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