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 ====Testlab Introduction==== ====Testlab Introduction====
-The China Mobile OPNFV testlab ​will provide ​the following facilities for OPNFV intergration and testing. The testlab ​will locate ​at China Mobile Research Institute (CMRI) in Beijing. ​+The China Mobile OPNFV testlab ​provides ​the following facilities for OPNFV intergration and testing. The testlab ​is now located ​at China Mobile Research Institute (CMRI) in Beijing. ​
-* Provide ​at least 1 PODs for OPNFV testing+* Provide 1 PODs for OPNFV testing
-These PODs will be deplyed for several ​OPNFV intergration ​and testing ​projects, including BGS, CI and Functest. It will also support other project related testing, including the High Availability project and Data Plan Acceleration Project+The PODs is continuously upgraded to deploy the most recent release of OPNFV. It is now supporting functest ​and Yardstick project ​testing. It is connected to CI.
- +The China Mobile OPNFV testlab ​provides ​VPN access for the testlab. ​
-* Provide multiple hardware support +
- +
-The China Mobile OPNFV testlab ​will provide multiple hardware, in order to avoid specific hardware dependancy, and include more hardware selection in the NFV scenarios. IOT testing can be done with different hardware to identify the interoprability of hardware with OPNFV platform release. +
- +
-* Provide internet access for lab access +
- +
-The China Mobile OPNFV testlab will provide ​VPN access for the testlab.  +
- +
-* Provide testing and measurement ​ equipments +
- +
-Testing equipments will be provided by the China Mobile OPNFV testlab for testing. These equiptments include physical and virtual testing equiptments.+
 ====Testlab environment==== ====Testlab environment====
-The China Mobile OPNFV testlab ​will follow ​the testlab environment requirement of PHROS project ​and BGS project.+The China Mobile OPNFV testlab ​follows ​the testlab environment requirement of PHROS project ​
 {{ ::​china_mobile_opnfv_testlab_overview.jpg?​direct |}} {{ ::​china_mobile_opnfv_testlab_overview.jpg?​direct |}}
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