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 48.75867,​-3.45196,​60,​.8,​marker-gold.png,​Orange Labs;​Lannion \\ 48.75867,​-3.45196,​60,​.8,​marker-gold.png,​Orange Labs;​Lannion \\
 48.82,​2.27,​60,​.8,​marker-gold.png,​Orange Labs;Paris \\ 48.82,​2.27,​60,​.8,​marker-gold.png,​Orange Labs;Paris \\
 +31.97,​118.79,​.8,​marker-red.png,​ZTE Testlab(NJ);​Nan Jing \\
 [[http://​|]] \\ internal link: [[::​start]]\\ **DW Formatting** ​ [[http://​|]] \\ internal link: [[::​start]]\\ **DW Formatting** ​
 </​olmap>​ </​olmap>​
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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