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Use case 1: multisite identity service management:

Use case 2: VNF high availability across VIM

Use case 3: Multisite VNF Geo site disaster recovery

Use case 4: Centralized service for resources management and/or replication (sync tenant resources like images, ssh-keys, security groups, etc)


Use case 5. centralized monitoring service, a user should be able to access all the logs and indicators produced by multiple openstack instances, in a centralized way

  • Both Kingbird and Tricircle ( are candidate solutions for use case 4 & 5.
  • Kingbird mainly aimed at fully distributed deployment scenario, Tricircle for centralized management scenario.
  • Both Kingbird and Tricircle are new projects for multi-site cloud, could be used seperatly or combined together for different scenario.

Material for review multisite_bp-bug_review_0910.pdf

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