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OPNFV Project Proposal Template Draft version: 1.0 (June 16, 2015)

Project Name: • Proposed name for the project: project-name • Proposed name for the repository: N/A • Project Category: o Collaborative Development Project description: This project proposes: • Modifying the OPNFV build to include a deployment option for the userspace Open vSwitch build. This change will significantly increase the performance of the NFVI for network I/O. • Future work that will encompass collaborative development within the Open vSwitch project to increase the performance of the userspace Open vSwitch and increasing its suitability for Telco NFV deployments. The current release of OPNFV (Arno) enables continuous integration, automated deployment and testing of components from upstream projects such as Ceph, KVM, OpenDaylight, OpenStack and Open vSwitch. The combination of these provides an initial build of the NFV Infrastructure (NFVI) and Virtual Infrastructure Manager (VIM) components of the ETSI NFV architecture. Open vSwitch is an open source virtual switch providing Virtual Networking services in the NFVI. It provides network connectivity from Virtual Machines (VMs) to the physical network and between Virtual Machines. The default deployment of Open vSwitch in OPNFV implements the software fast path as a Linux Kernel Module. This kernel module caches recently used flows in order to quickly forward subsequent packets in the same flow space. The kernel datapath, however, is not necessarily designed or targeted to meet the requirements for the NFVI, and we need to make collaborative efforts toward enabling NFV features. Although Open vSwitch gives adequate performance in many cloud and enterprise use cases, when used in Telco NFV use cases, the performance may not be sufficient in terms of throughput and latency, particularly for small packet sizes. Technologies such as DPDK and ODP have shown that running packet processing workloads in userspace software can improve the performance in terms of throughput and latency. The advantage of this is apparent in recent work done on the Open vSwitch userspace forwarding plane which has shown 10x improvement in packet throughput with respect to the Open vSwitch kernel space dataplane. This is demonstrated via the OPNFV vsperf project. This project intends to co-exist with the Kernel Space OVS deployment allowing the users of OPNFV to select which version of OVS to deploy in their environment. It will follow the test procedures as specified in the test and integration projects in the category. Scope: Problem Statement The Open vSwitch kernel datapath does not provide the highest available software performance using current technologies. The scope of this work is to enable the userspace datapath as a deployable component in the OPNFV build in order to improve the performance of the NFVI. Test and Benchmarking Integration will require that all relevant functional tests that pass in the OPNFV test infrastructure will also pass when userspace Open vSwitch is deployed. The OPNFV vsperf project will report any performance differences between the two deployment options Feature Development If any gap in functionality or performance is identified during the Test and Benchmarking phase, those features will be developed and upstreamed into the project. Future Work When the userspace datapath is available as a deployment option in OPNFV, it is envisaged that further development activities will be required: 1. Features and bugfixes may be required for continued support of the Open vSwitch userspace datapath as a deployable build option within the OPNFV build. 2. As NFVI Networking performance requirements become apparent, from OPNFV Yardstick or OPNFV Vsperf for example, this project will collate these requirements in order to drive performance enhancements into the Open vSwitch userspace datapath. 3. Further NFVI Networking functional requirements may become apparent requiring enhancements to be made to the Open vSwitch userspace datapath. Testability: (optional, Project Categories: Integration & Testing) • This project plans to leverage existing test infrastructure o All relevant test cases that successfully complete when OPNFV is deployed using the Open vSwitch kernel space datapath will be required to complete with the userspace datapath. Documentation: (optional, Project Categories: Documention) • For any additional functionality required in Open vSwitch, the relevant Open vSwitch documentation will need to be updated (e.g. man pages, install guides, etc) • Relevant OPNFV release documentation will also need to be updated: o User Guide o Function Test Guide o Automated deployment guide o OPNFV Release Notes o OPNFV Installation Guide Dependencies: • There are currently no similar projects underway in OPNFV or in an upstream project. • There are a number of related projects that deal with requirements (OPNFV Yardstick) and benchmarking (OPNFV Vsperf). • The relevant upstream project that will need to be influenced here is • In terms of HW dependencies, the aim is to use OPNFV Pharos compatible infrastructure. Committers and Contributors: • Name and affiliation of the project leader: • Names and affiliations of the committers • Names and affiliations of other contributors Planned deliverables • Modifications to the OPNFV genesis repository. • Packaged version of the Open vSwitch userspace datapath binary for deployment on Pharos-compliant systems. • Code delivered to the upstream project enabling functionality required to enable Open vSwitch userspace datapath in OPNFV. • Test report showing compliance with OPNFV test infrastructure Proposed Release Schedule: • Target intersection of integration of the userspace datapath with OPNFV B Release. • Future development work to improve the performance of the userspace datapath will be targeted for later releases.

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