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 +====== Contribute ======
 +  * [[https://​​mailman/​listinfo/​opnfv-tech-discuss|Sign up]] to the opnfv-tech-discuss mailing list.
 +  * Mails for this project should be tagged with **[ovsnfv]** in the subject line.
 +  * Send a mail to the project indicating your desire to contribute and your full name:
 +Subject: [ovsnfv] I’d like to contribute to the OVSNFV project
 +Body Text:
 +I would like to contribute to the OVSNFV project.
 +Best Regards
 +  * You name and email address will be added to the list on the main [[ovsnfv]] wiki page 
 +====== Commit ======
 +  * Promotions will follow [[https://​​developer/​committer_promotions|the procedure]] outlined by the OPNFV community.
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