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1.Project name Pharos

2.Project status indicator for milestone C readiness: Green/Yellow/Red; GREEN = on track; YELLOW = working minor issues to get back on track; RED = offtrack with major issues YELLOW

3.Name of person providing status Trevor Cooper

4.a link to your Jira tasks (filtered on R2),

5.a link to your Jira dashboard

6.a statement of your progress at linking cross project dependencies in Jira Projects requiring lab resources … Pharos needs to address all test and development infrastructure needs which have not been fully stated yet · CI has a dependency on Pharos for resources … we need to understand these requirements fully re. capacity

7.a statement of your readiness (detailed planning complete & in Jira) for your first sprint or first development cycle (if not agile) · Epics and stories are substantially in Jira, some stories still to be added · Scope has to be finalized and all tasks need to be assigned

8.a statement of your readiness (high level planning complete & in Jira) for future sprints High level plan is reflected in Jira … we will organize around activities

9.a statement about any issues you have Resourcing … we need more heads/hands to own various activities. & when you will finish getting your tasks & dependencies into Jira if not complete End of next week plan to have tasks assigned where possible with gaps clearly defined and when you will get ready to start development for Brahmaputra if not ready now n.a.

12. Risks Resourcing … need help from all Pharos committer and lab owners. Scope may need to change depending on resource availability.

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