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 ====== Pharos planning for Brahmaputra ====== ====== Pharos planning for Brahmaputra ======
 +This wiki page is dedicated to planning the OPNFV community test-bed infrastructure for Brahmaputra. This includes labs hosted by community companies and the Linux Foundation lab. Pharos committers as well as lab owners and other contributors need to define deliverables and milestones that will meet OPNFV lab infrastructure needs for CI and Dev. 
-This wiki page is dedicated to planning the OPNFV community test-bed infrastructureThis includes labs hosted by community companies as well as the OPNFV Linux Foundation lab.+**Weekly meetings logistics**:​​meetings#​pharos_meetings
-The Pharos ​project team needs to define deliverables and milestones ​for BrahmaputraPlease feel free to edit this page with comments ​and suggestions.+Pharos ​theme for release B ... **__Connected community labs with visible capability ​and deployment/​usage monitoring__** ... with ... connectivity between LF Foundation (Central) and all community lab ... and ... ability to view and observe resources available to the OPNFV community at-a-glance.
-There are 3 sub-pages dedicated to: +Planning Etherpad ... https://​​p/​pharos_brahmaputra
-  * [[pharos_rls_b_spec|Pharos specification (requirements for Pharos compliance)]] +
-  * [[pharos_rls_b_infra|Lab infrastructure (tools for management and testing)]] +
-  * [[pharos_rls_b_support|Lab management (process and support)]]+
- +**Jira Links** 
 + ​Backlog … https://​​browse/​PHAROS-53?​jql=project%20%3D%20PHAROS%20and%20labels%20%3D%20R2 
 + ​Dashboard … https://​​browse/​PHAROS/?​selectedTab=com.atlassian.jira.jira-projects-plugin:​summary-panel 
 +**Linux Foundation (LF) Lab** 
 +  * LF lab usage: https://​​pharos/​lf_lab 
 +  * [[pharos_rls_b_lf_process|LF management process and support plan]]
-Below notes are suggestions ​for Brahmaputra scope and deliverables ​(details will be captured on dedicated pages... +**Community Labs** 
 +  * [[pharos_rls_b_spec|Requirements ​for OPNFV labs (Pharos specification)]] 
 +  * [[pharos_rls_b_infra|Tools for managing lab infrastructure and testing deployments]]
-1. Pharos specification (requirements for Pharos compliance)+**1. Pharos specification (defines ​Pharos compliance)**
     ​     ​
   - Expand Arno definition of Pharos   - Expand Arno definition of Pharos
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-2. Lab infrastructure (tools for management and testing)+**2. Lab infrastructure (tools for management and testing)**
   ​   ​
   - MAAS pilot   - MAAS pilot
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-3. Lab management (process and support)+**3. Lab management (process and support)**
   ​   ​
   - Community labs   - Community labs
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     - Support plan     - Support plan
     - Capacity expansion plan?     - Capacity expansion plan?
 +**Community Labs**
 +  *[[pharos_rls_b_labs|Status of Community labs]]
 +  * Cross Matrix of Test projects versus Pharos labs https://​​feature_test_project_matrix
 +**Project Requirements**
 +  *Survey of project needs for labs: https://​​projectreqonpharos
 +  ​
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