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Project: Policy Test (policytest)

PolicyTest adds network policy testing to the existing suite of OPNFV functional tests. Testing focuses on network configuration policy testing following the principles of "group based policy". "Group based policy" allows users to express network configuration in a declarative way, i.e. describe policy in terms of "what you want", rather than "how you'd do it". Further details on "group based policy" can be found on the following wiki: PolicyTest defines and implements system-level policy tests and integrates them into OPNFV CI/CD pipeline. PolicyTest closely liases with OPNFV projects (Copper, Octopus, Releng, etc.) as well as network policy related upstream projects (Opendaylight GBP).

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Key Project Facts

Project Name: policytest
Repo name: policytest
Project Category: integration and testing
Lifecycle State: Incubation
Primary Contact: Keith Burns
Project Lead: Keith Burns
Jira Project Name: PolicyTest
Jira Project Prefix: [POLICYTEST]
mailing list tag [policytest]

Keith Burns (
Bryan Sullivan (
Brady Allen Johnson (
Peter Bandzi (
Reinaldo Penno (

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Link to approval of additional submitters: TBD


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