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 [[https://​​releases/​brahmaputra/​release_plan/​sfc_milestone_e_report | Milestone E]] [[https://​​releases/​brahmaputra/​release_plan/​sfc_milestone_e_report | Milestone E]]
-[[http://​​sfc/​brahmaputra/​docs/​design/​index.html | OPNFV SFC design doc HTML]] +OPNFV SFC design doc: [[http://​​sfc/​brahmaputra/​docs/​design/​index.html | HTML]] [[http://​​sfc/​brahmaputra/​docs/​design/​design.pdf | PDF]]
-[[http://​​sfc/​brahmaputra/​docs/​design/​design.pdf | OPNFV SFC design doc PDF]]+
 ===== Links to Materials ===== ===== Links to Materials =====
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