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 +Here is a Brahmaputra release milestone C report for StorPerf.
 +Edgar StPierre / Mark Beierl
 +Status: GREEN
 +StorPerf has a defined a clear scope of work for Brahmaputra,​ focused on block level storage performance testing. As a project that was just started, we’ve created a meeting series for contributors,​ defined an initial Jira epic for block storage, a holding epic for object store, and an initial sprint for execution on block. See https://​​secure/​RapidBoard.jspa?​rapidView=3&​view=planning&​selectedIssue=STORPERF-1&​epics=visible,​ along with a couple of follow-on sprints.
 +6 subtasks for the initial sprint are defined with a planned completion date of Oct 5.
 +Started and running, anxiously awaiting the first meeting with Contributors to help shape content and schedule. Key interactions with Qtip and Yardstick in place with representatives from those groups as StorPerf Contributors to guide integration activities.
 +Issues: none
 +Risks: none
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