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Project: Virtual Provider Edge (vPE) Performance testing

  • Proposed name for the project: vPE Performance testing
  • Proposed name for the repository: opnfv_vPE_perf_test_repo
  • Project Categories: Integration & Testing

Project description

Project “vPE Performance testing” will provide comprehensive testing methodology, test suites and test cases to test and the performance of the OPNFV platform under the vPE L3VPN over MPLS use case.

This project is focused on measuring the performance of the different OPNFV platform components like the compute server, hyper-visor, Open vSwitch, Linux Bridge etc., that are involved in the control and data path of the vPE L3 VPN use case. The focus of the performance measurement will be on the following aspects when the vPE is subjected to realistic traffic patterns like that of a real world PE router:

  • The performance of the components involved in the vPE data path under traffic created by the CE to CE data, CE-to-Internet flows.
  • The performance of the components involved in the vPE control path under traffic created by bfd, route programming, QOS programming)

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This project will develop test suites that cover detailed functional test cases, test methodologies and platform configurations which will be documented and maintained in a repository for use by other OPNFV testing projects and the community in general. Developing test suites will also help lay the foundation for a test automation framework that in future can be used by the continuation integration (CI) project (Octopus). We envisage that certain VNF deployment use-cases could be automatically tested as an optional step of the CI process.


The project targets testing of the OPNFV platform in a hosted test-bed environment (i.e. using the OPNFV test labs world wide). It will leverage output of the "Get started!" project.

The picture below outlines the main setup of “OPNFV – Base system functionality testing" project.


“OPNFV – Base system functionality testing” will deliver a functional testing framework along with a set of test suites and test cases to test and verify the functionality OPNFV platform. The testing framework (tools, test-cases, etc.) are also intended to be used by the CI framework for the purpose of qualifying the OPNFV platform on bare metal servers. In this context, OPNFV Tester will use open source VNF components. Functional testing includes

  • Testing the installer, setup and the configuration of the OPNFV platform hardware and software.
  • Testing the basic VIM functionality that includes tenant, user CRUD operations, VNF Image CRUD operations etc.
  • Testing the VIM functionality to support VNF life cycle management (create, modify, grow, shrink, destroy)
  • Testing the VIM functionality to support basic VNF network connectivity
  • Testing the inter working between the VIM and the SDN controller.
  • Testing the NFVI functionality as a black box to ensure that it meets the VIM requirements.

The project requires the following components:

  • OPNFV Lab setup with complete access to a set of Bare metal servers for Controller and Compute nodes (minimum configuration: 1x installer server, 2x controller node servers, 3x compute node servers); associated switches and routers.
  • OPNFV platform software bundle from the repository that includes several upstream software components.
  • OPNFV "Get Started!" software bundles that includes the installer
  • Open Source VNF Open-WRT
  • Open Source VNF Snort
  • Open Source Apache Web Server in Ubuntu 14.04
  • Open Source HAProxy
  • Tempest framework and Robot Framework

Functional Testing covered

The following link provides the detailed test suites and drills down into the test suites/test cases to cover the functional testing.

Function Test Suites

The above test suites/cases are automated via Robot/Jenkins):


  • The project is a contributor to project “Octopus”.
  • The project leverages "Boot Strap/Get Started"
  • The project relies on the following upstream projects:
    • OpenStack Juno release: Components: Nova, Glance, Keystone, Horizon, Neutron, Ceilometer, Heat
    • OpenDaylight Helium release: Components: MDSAL, OVSDB, RESTCONF, ML2 plugin/ODL Neutron drivers
    • Installer: TBD
    • Puppet (for instance configuration)
    • QEMU/KVM
    • OpenWRT (as example VNF - for routing, firewall, NAT)
    • Snort (as example VNF - for IDS)
    • Linux/Centos 7 distribution

Comitters and Contributors

  • Comitters
    • Palani Chinnakannan (
    • Trevor Cooper (
    • Prabu.K (
    • Ian Wells (
    • Qiao Fu (
    • Chitti Nimmagadda (
  • Contributors
    • Palani Chinnakannan (
    • Trevor Cooper (
    • Frank Brockners (
    • Prabu.K (
    • Ian Wells (
    • Qiao Fu (
    • Sajeev Manikkoth (
    • Chitti Nimmagadda (

Planned deliverables

Project deliverable: The project delivers the following components:

  • Documentation of Test Suites and test cases that cover the OPNFV platform functionality testing including pass/fail criteria.
  • Test software and scripts for testing OPNFV Platform functionality that is essentially broken down into two main suites as follows:
    • OPNFV Platform Smoke test suite: A sanity testing suite for basic verification of the platform.
    • OPNFV Platform Regression test suite: A comprehensive collection of detailed test suites.
  • Automated Test Framework based on Tempest/Robot/Jenkins, with necessary scripts and tools to automatically test and verify OPNFV functionality

Proposed Release Schedule

OPNFV release #1.

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