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Virtual Traffic Classifier in Yardstick

Some of the test cases provided with Yardstick are based on the deployment and execution of a virtual Traffic Classifier (vTC) network function.

For the execution of Test Cases 006, 007, 020 and 021 some hardware and configuration requirements are needed. This page describes these configuration requirements.

Framework Hardware Dependencies

In order to run the framework there are some hardware related dependencies for ApexLake.

DPDK dependecy

Yardstick and Apexlake need to be installed on the same physical node where DPDK-pktgen is installed. The installation of this component requires the physical node hosting the packet generator must have 2 physical Network Interface Cards (NICs) which are DPDK compatible.

Switch configuration

The 2 NICs will be connected to the switch where the OpenStack VM network is managed. The switch used must also support multicast traffic and IGMP snooping. The corresponding ports to which the cables are connected need to be configured as VLAN trunks using two of the VLAN IDs available for OpenStack Neutron.

Montreal Testbed configuration

A diagram of the configuration used in the Montreal Testbed is shown at the following link:

Testbed Configuration setup

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