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Scripts to deploy two compute and one controller node using DevStack.

There is no HA, and no bare metal provisioning, since they are devstack based they aim only to help developers and CI.

You can download them from here:

The README file explains in detail how the scripts should be used.

The package contains the following


  • script to prepare system for Openstack installation


  • script to install Openstack

3. onps_config

  • configuration file for user to enter system, network, and other information

4. onps_config_stand_alone_compute

  • same as onps_config but to be used for deployment of compute node *without* any controllers

5. local.conf-ovdk-controller

  • template local.conf file for controller node

6. local.conf-ovdk-compute

  • template local.conf file for compute node


  • This file

Steps to build Openstack through Devstack

  • install fedora 20

software selection:

	C Development Tool and Libraries
              Development Tools
create user 'stack' 
  • prepare Fedora 20 system

login as 'su'

modify file 'onps_config' for basic system, network, and other information

NOTE: It is important to correctly enter information in onps_config; see section "Edit onps_config" for instructions

	run script ''
reboot system
login as 'su'
update system with latest libraries, run command 'yum update -y'
reboot system
  • install devstack with openstack ovdk patches

login as 'stack'

cd /home/stack/
run script ''
  • after successfully installing controller node and compute node(s), Openstack should be up and running

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