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Minutes of Technical Community Discussion on November 19, 2015

  • Date and Time: 6:00am PST / UTC 14:00, Thursday November 19, 2015
  • Convener: Bin Hu (AT&T)
  • Participants:
    • Al Morton (AT&T)
    • Ana Cunha (Ericsson)
    • Bryan Sullivan (AT&T)
    • Christopher Price (Ericsson)
    • Dan Druta (AT&T)
    • Dave Neary (Red Hat)
    • Debra Scott (OPNFV)
    • Edgar St Pierre (EMC)
    • Ildiko Vancsa (Ericsson)
    • Larry Lamers (VMWare)
    • Mark Szczesniak (Casa)
    • Ulrich Kleber (Huawei)
    • Vikram Dham (Dell)

Team started to discuss the status of review of Blueprints. Dave Neary (RedHat) will send an email to community to look for:
- Update of projects regarding which upstream open source projects are relevant (Code)
- Any Blueprints each project has planned for Mitaka, and we can keep track on (BP)
- Blueprint peer review from OPNFV, if a draft is ready for review

  • Upstream Feature Development and Cross-Project Collaboration - TBD
    • Status update on active items
    • Status update on areas of interest
    • Draft Blueprints Discussion
    • Other cross-project topics

None. Security group update will be presented at next meeting

  • Project Proposal Discussion

Vikram (Dell) introduced this project proposal (

Vikram started with pre-ovn status (i.e. problem statement), and introduced what is ovn. Uli (Huawei) asked if there is an open source project for ovn. Vikram replied yes, and the source code is part of ovs. Dave Neary (RedHat) further indicated that there is no underlay network management. In south bound, it only manages ovs virtual switch, but not the openflow physical switch.

Vikram (Dell) then introduced ovn architecture, and the mapping of logical flows to physical flows. Vikram further shared what is happening in OpenStack, i.e. OpenStack Neutron plugin focuses on OpenStack APIs,and ovn handles solving networking problems. So ovn+OpenStack means agentless lean networking.

Meeting adjourned.

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