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Note: this page and the linked pages are being migrated to the issue/task tracking tools (Jira, Trello) and the Copper design docs (latest version is here. Content on this page will be removed as it is migrated.

Work Items for Copper

To add your name as an active contributor to these work items just edit this page, or send an email to the mail list.

OpenStack Congress Assessment

Participating: Bryan

For more info: Congress

This will develop information related to OpenStack Congress.

OpenStack Blueprints

Participating: Bryan

As we develop concrete proposals for new functionality in OpenStack (e.g. for Congress) they will be listed on the OpenStack community page.

Policy Architecture

Participating: Bryan

For more info: Policy Architecture

This will develop an architectural view for incorporating the diverse policy functions of OPNFV components (e.g. OpenStack, OpenDaylight) into a layered architecture for policy management, including:

  • functions and interfaces of a policy agent/engine that leverages NB policy APIs of components (e.g. Congress, OpenStack GBP, etc.
  • how policy functions are driven through components into other SB components
Congress Installation in OPNFV Test Platforms

Participating: Bryan, Iben

For more info:

This will include Congress in single-node (see "Academy" below) and multi-node OPNFV testbed environments using scripted installers, initially focusing on SaltStack, but expanding to other installers asap.

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