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Committer Promotions

While the initial committers on a project are nominated at project formation, it is expected that community members will emerge as willing committers over time.

Committer nomination and promotion must take place according to Section 8 of the TSC Charter. This page intends to describe how the charter shall be interpreted in a practical step by step manner.

Prior to nomination

Project contributors who are interested in promotion to project committer should first approach the project leader and committer community to discuss their interest and receive feedback on their work within the community. To be promoted to committer the TSC will be looking for the nominated contributors to have demonstrated:

  • A history of active contributions in the project
  • Has demonstrated to the project lead and committer a deep knowledge of the code and project best practices
  • Has shown a willingness to lead and coordinate amongst peers

Once the project lead and committers feel the candidate has demonstrated these items to the point where a nomination may occur the project lead or a delegate may initiate a nomination for committer promotion amongst the projects current committers.

Nomination for committer promotion

The nomination for committer promotion begins with the project lead or delegate sending an e-mail to the opnfv-tech-discuss mailing list with the appropriate project identified in the subject line [project-name] requesting the committers on the project vote on the nomination. The nomination e-mail should begin with a clear topic name and be followed by a statement of motivation. The statement of motivation should describe any achievements or activities the contributor has performed of notable value for the project and may include a link to a git-log of the nominees activity history. More than one contributor may be nominated in one nomination e-mail. The e-mail may take the following form:

  • From: <project lead>
  • To:
  • Subject: [project-name] Nomination of Committer(s) promotion for: <contributors name(s)>
  • Body: The motivation for nominating <contributors name> to committer on the <project> project is due to a long history of providing value to the project through consistent high quality and valuable contributions. <refer to relevant contributions and the value they provided to the project> I provide a link to the relevant contributions. <link>

Once the e-mail has been sent the nomination stands until a clear majority vote for or against the nomination has been met, or the nominator withdraws the nomination. Voting shall take place according to the Condorcet or single transferable vote methods outlined in Section 7 of the TSC charter.

After a successful nomination

At the completion of a nomination process, if the nominee was successful, the Project lead should inform the TSC via the TSC mailing list by forwarding the nomination e-mail along with a summary of the outcome of the committer votes.

The Project leader should additionally update the "Key Project Facts" section of the project WiKi page as well as the INFO file in the project repository and inform the LinuxFoundation facilities team of the individuals change in status. This should be done by sending an update e-mail to with the new committers e-mail and LinuxFoundation ID. This e-mail should either contain a link to the meeting minutes or relevant specific email archive recording the vote.

Contesting a nomination or promotion

The TSC is responsible for overseeing the committer nomination and promotion processes. In the case that any member of the OPNFV community would like to raise discussion or has concerns over a committer promotion, nomination, or the committer promotion process they should reach out to the TSC via the TSC mailing list, or if preferred the TSC Chair Person directly to identify if further action or intervention by the TSC is needed.

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