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OPNFV Internship Program

OPNFV Internship is for University students–either undergraduate or graduate–who are interested in contributing to the OPNFV project. Each intern will be working with a mentor in the OPNFV community to complete a project either in 3 or 6 months (interns are expected to dedicate a minimum of 20 hours a week on their project). This is a paid internship program and the internship project can start any time of the year (i.e. not just limited to summer in the northern hemisphere). Finally, we welcome interns from anywhere in the world.

Typical timeline for internship

  • 3-month internship
    • Week 0: Kick-off meeting with mentor(s) (nominal start-up stipend paid)
    • Week 6: Mid-term review (~1/2 of the stipend paid)
    • Week 12: Final review (remaining stipend paid)
  • 6-month internship
    • Week 0: Kick-off meeting with mentor(s) (nominal start-up stipend paid)
    • Week 6: 1st review (~1/4 of the stipend paid)
    • Week 12: Mid-term review (~1/4 of the stipend paid)
    • Week 6: 3rd review (~1/4 of the stipend paid)
    • Week 24: Final review (remaining stipend paid)

If you have any questions about the internship program, send an email to [need a new email address]

Instructions for Students

If you are interested participating in an internship project, here are some recommended steps.

  1. Identify which projects you're interested in
  2. Feel free to contact the mentor(s) for the projects that you are interested in to learn more about the project and what the mentor(s) are looking for in a project proposal
  3. Write a project proposal: See the guidelines below
  4. Submit your proposal to [need to create an email address]. Feel free to submit proposals for multiple projects.

Project proposal guidelines

Your application will be judged on the project proposal. You can use any document format (e.g. .doc, .pdf, .txt, etc.) of your choice, but please include the following information in your proposal.

  • Project title
  • Preferred length of internship: 3 months (~40 hours/week) or 6 months (~20 hours/week)
  • Why you are interested in this project and the reason you’re the best individual to do so.
  • Details of your academic, industry and/or open source development experience, as well as other information you think are relevant
  • If you have worked on other open source projects, please provide pointers to the code you worked on/contributed.
  • An explanation of your development methodology.
  • Your contact information (e.g. email, IRC, phone, etc.)
  • One or two references
  • Finally, please include a proof of current academic status (transcript, copy of student ID).

Finally, please remember to keep your proposals concise and simple. We're not expecting you to write a 10-page essay.

Tips for Mentors

Mentorship is be critical for a successful internship project. Please remember that in many cases, you will be working with students in a different part of the world, so an effective communication and guidance will be crucial.

Here are some good resources on mentorship:

If you are interested in mentoring an internship project, you can start by adding a new project idea at the intern projects page. Please note that the more detail you can provide on the project page, the more likely your potential interns will understand what you are looking for. In addition to the description of the project, please include expected outcome at the end of the internship and your contact informations so that potential interns can contact you with questions.

Example from the OpenDaylight project:

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