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OPNFV JIRA Permissions

The OPNFV JIRA instance uses your Linux Foundation ID for login. This is the same ID as git, Gerrit and this Wiki.

If you can log in, by default you are a member of the jira-users group.

Only specific members of the Linux Foundation are members of the jira-administrators group.

JIRA Project Roles

Within each project there are three roles:

  1. Administrators. This role is able to:
    • create and manage Sprints, Versions and Components associated with the project
    • delegate and assign project roles to other users
    • view project Workflows, Issue Types, Notifications and Screens
  2. Developers. These users can:
    • Start, Stop and Complete progress on issues
    • Create and share filters
  3. Users. Can:
    • Create or comment on issues in the project

How are Roles Assigned?

Roles are seeded from the project's INFO file. Initially:

  • Primary Contact: This user becomes the Project Lead
  • Committers: Each member becomes a part of the opnfv-gerrit-PROJECTNAME-submitters group
  • Contributors: Each member becomes a part of the opnfv-gerrit-PROJECTNAME-contributors group

Group to Role mapping:

Role Group
Administrators jira-administrators, Project Lead
Developers opnfv-gerrit-PROJECTNAME-submitters and opnfv-gerrit-PROJECTNAME-contributors
Users Anyone who can log in

Project Role Administration

As only Project Administrators can change the role assignment, this means that the initial Primary Contact is the only one who can assign additional Project Administrators.

  1. Log into JIRA
  2. From the Projects drop down menu, choose your project
  3. Administrators can see two tabs
  4. Select Administration. On the nav panel on the left, scroll down to Roles and select that.
  5. You will see a screen similar to the following:

In this screenshot, the administrator clicked in the cell at the intersection of Administrators row and Users column. From there additional Administrators can be added by simply typing their name into the box and clicking Update once complete.

Given the roles shown in the screenshot, Mark Beierl and Edgar St. Pierre can both create and start sprints for the StorPerf project, and anyone in the opnfv-gerritt-storperf-contributors or opnfv-gerritt-storperf-submitters groups can transition stories and tasks through workflows.

All other JIRA users can create and comment on StorPerf (or any other project) issues as needed.

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