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 +==== Minutes of Doctor Project on November 17, 2014 ====
 +  * ''​Date and Time'':​ UTC 14:00, Monday November 17, 2014
 +  * ''​Convenor'':​ Ashiq Khan (NTT DOCOMO)
 +  * ''​Participants'':​
 +    * Ashiq Khan (NTT DOCOMO)
 +    * Bertrand Souville (NTT DOCOMO)
 +    * Carlos Goncalves (NEC)
 +    * Juha Oravainen (Nokia)
 +    * Michael Lynch (Intel)
 +    * Palani Chinnakannan (Cisco)
 +    * Peter Lee (ClearPath)
 +    * Petri Kemppainen (Nokia)
 +    * Ryota Mibu (NEC)
 +    * Tapio Tallgren (Nokia)
 +    * Ulrich Kleber (Huawei)
 +    * Others
 +1) Technical aspects and relevance to upstream projects
 +Ryota created new [[doctor| Wiki page]] to start technical discussions on the "​Doctor"​ Project.
 +He presented his document:
 +  * Use cases section includes short description of the Auto Healing, Safe Switching and VM retirement use cases.
 +  * Requirement section contains an initial list of features and items to be addressed.
 +  * Architecture section contains a description of the architecture functional blocks and one example implementation in OpenStack. ​
 +  * It was clarified that the resource owner may be VNFM or NFVO. What is important is to have the feature in the northbound interface.
 +  * Discussion around adequate pub/sub model for fault notification. Palani agreed to support this activity.
 +  * Ryota explained that during the OpenStack Paris Summit, there were some discussions on letting Monitor(s)/​Inspector update resource state information (e.g. VM state in Nova). This idea was accepted by Nova team.
 +  * It was also agreed to have the Monitor(s) / Inspector outside of OpenStack / VIM (easier to extend these functional blocks if outside of OpenStack when new types of NFVI faults need to be reported to the VIM).
 +  * It was clarified that Heat is emulator for VNFM/NFVO and interface between Heat and Nova shall be used for corrective actions on VMs.
 +  * All are welcomed to edit [[doctor| Wiki page]], review/​modify/​add new use cases and notify Ryota of changes to this page.
 +  * All are welcomed to draw other architecture figures.
 +2) Resources available and necessary for this project
 +  * Initial list of developers / committers: Ryota, Carlos, Tomi, Zhangyu, Palani
 +  * Initial list of contributors to specs / documentation:​ Ashiq, Uli, Serge, Dirk
 +3) Scoping and scheduling (what features to be realized in what time frame)
 +{{ :​requirements_projects:​timeline_doctor_r1.png |}}
 +Important milestones:
 +  * OpenStack Gap Analysis by end Nov 2014
 +  * First Spec ready by mid Dec 2014. Second / Revised Spec ready by mid / end Jan 2015
 +  * Blueprints submitted to OpenStack by end Mar 2015 (L-release)
 +  * Depending on the progress of the work, blueprints may already be submitted in Jan 2015 (Kilo-release)
 +4) AOB
 +  * It was decided to have weekly meetings.
 +  * Because of national holiday in Japan on Nov 24, next meeting is planned on Dec 1 (Mon) at 14:00 UTC
 +5) Action Items
 +  * Ashiq to report on what kind of faults need to be detected from operational point of view
 +  * Ashiq to check timeline of other upstream projects (e.g. KVM, ODL)
 +  * Palani to report on relevant pub/sub Open Source project
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