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  • Lingil, Bob and Howard


DPACC Arch Discussion

  • review the comments made by Ola
  • It is clarified that hio enabling pass-through access to hardware is not capable to provide binary portability for VNFs. Since binary portability is specified as a should-have requirement for dpacc, it is acceptable to include hio with pass-through access to provide an option to a VNF for better performance. A note is added to Section
  • Question raise to the SRL role in packet forwarding/switching path in Section Suggestions are made to add packet flow chart/arrows to clarify the paths of different cases (e.g. where SRL does packet forwarding or switching and as depicted in Figure 4) to see if there is any remaining issues.
  • Question regarding confining hio@host to be accessed only by host SAL. The context is confined to host interface, there is another description for hio@guest in Section
  • Brief introduction of host AML in Section

Gap Openstack Discussion


  • Section 3 the architecture is described, where a dedicated management function is added for accelerator resource orchestration.
  • Section 5 gives a introduction of Openstack implementation, EPA features and clarifies the considerations for adding a standalone management controller instead of relying solely on Nova extensions.
  • A new openstack project Nomad is initiated to implement this idea and several organizations shows interest.
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