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Status: The Escalator project has finished the sprint planning on Jira. We have finish shifting from Etherpad to Jira/Gerrit/Git in September.  Now we have resumed our work. And Jira is realy a good tool for planning and tracking the teamwork. Jira tasks (filtered on R2): Jira dashboard: ; Jira summary:

Sprint planning is being handled as monthly sprints for the Escalator projects as we some cross project dependencies. The sprint planning including deadlines per EPIC is listed below.

Sprint 1: November (2 Major Epics are planned) - EPIC: Stable version of Requirement document 6 Stories are created under this Epic: - Collecting requirement from other OPNFV projects - Impact Analysis - Investigate Genesis project - Investigate HA project - Investigate Multisite project - Investigate Doctor project -  EPIC: 1st version of Gap Analysis document 2 Stories are created under this Epic: - Analysis Upgrade requirement in ETSI NFV - Investigate upstream OpenStack

Cross project dependencies for this sprint include: HA-1, GENESIS-15

Sprint 2: December (1 Trivial Epic is  planned) A smooth upgrade guideline for NFV developers Detailed planning is pending for this item

Sprint 3: January (1 Trivial Epic is  planned) - Implementation planning for R3 Detailed planning is pending for this item

Readiness:   We have closed ESCALATOR-1/2/3/6,  in progress ESCALATOR-14, and solved bug ESCALATOR-5.   We have defined 3 EPICs for R2 and serveral related Sub-Tasks in Jira

Issues: The Escalator project has sent out a questionnaire to other PLs for finding out the dependency existed within the OPNFV community.  But we are not lucky enough to get feedbacks.  Let me post it here, again.  Thanks in advance. Slides: Survey: And, we want to know how to use Jira for tracking this Questionnaire to all OPNFV projects.

Risks: We found that there are more works to be done in R2 than we expected before.

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