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OPNFV Community Events Calendar


Events Location Date Notes
ONS Santa Clara, CA March 14-17 Hackfest scheduled for March 14-15
Registration Link \\Planning Etherpad
Booth Volunteer Signup Form
Functest Meet-up Espoo, Finland March 30
China SDN/NFV Conference Beijing, China April 11-13 OPNFV is co-sponsoring a track a booth with OpenDaylight
OpenStack Summit Austin, TX April 25-29 OPNFV is co-programming a track on Telecom & NFV April 27-28, hosting a booth, and hosting an evening reception on Apr 26.
OPNFV Summit Berlin, Germany June 20-23 The Design Summit will be on June 20-21, before the Summit takes place June 22-23.
OPNFV Summit Website
OpenDaylight Summit Bellevue, WA September 27-29
LinuxCon Europe Berlin, Germany October 4-6
OpenStack Summit Barcelona, Spain October 24-28 Details TBD


Events Location Date Notes
LF Collaboration Summit Santa Rosa, CA February 19-20 Meet-up
Event contents
Etherpad for Feb-19 MeetUp
ETSI NFV#9 Prague, Czech Republic February 23-24 Hackfest
Event Contents
Etherpad for Feb 23-24 Hackfest
Mobile World Congress Barcelona, Spain March 2-6 Reception & Power Hour session
MWC events page
OpenStack Summit Vancouver, BC Canada May 18-22 Hackfest OpenStack Etherpad
Open Network Summit (ONS) Santa Clara, CA June 14-18 OPNFV Track for Developers
IETF 93 Prague Saturday July 18 through Friday July 24 Hackfest IETF 93 / OPNFV Etherpad
OpenDaylight Developer Forum Santa Clara, CA July 30-31 Hackfest
SDN OpenFlow World Congress Düsseldorf, Germany Oct. 13-16 Meet-up
OPNFV Etherpad
OpenStack Summit Tokyo, Japan Oct. 26-30 Meet-up
Event Link
OPNFV Etherpad
IETF 94 Yokohama, Japan Nov. 1-6 (with Hackathon on Oct. 31) Link: Event Link
OPNFV Etherpad for IETF94
OPNFV Summit SF Bay Area Nov 9-12 Design Summit on 9th & 10th
Event Link
Design Summit Schedule
Design summit presentations
Project breakout page
Demo Theater Etherpad
LSO Hackaton Omni Hotel, Dallas, TX Nov 16-18 Learn More
Open vSwitch Fall 2015 Conference San Jose Doubletree, CA Nov 16-17 Announcement Link


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