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OPNFV meet-up at OpenStack Paris

OpenStack Kilo Design Summit, November 4-7, 2014 in Paris

For anyone in the OPNFV community who will be attending the OpenStack summit in Paris we have a chance to get together and discuss NFV related features and needs with the OpenStack community and to find some time to address our own OPNFV related topics.

F2F Planning meeting Tuesday 11/4, 9AM Paris Time, Room 221 at the Palais des Congress.

For those in attendance who can get to this room (may need conference badge). We will seek to include folks outside the room via Etherpad, IRC, and GTM. Goal is to plan participation in summit sessions to insure we maximize collaboration with upstream OStack projects.

Access to meeting room can be tricky. The fastest and easiest way is to take the small group of elevators behind the OpenStack Summit Sponsor registration desk to floor 2.5 then follow the hallway to the end.

Note: there are two registration areas be sure to use the elevators behind SPONSOR registration and not attendee.

See OpenStack NFV discussions collected in dedicated OpenStack Community page It is based on the ETSI Gap analysis document

Paris NFV Meetup Etherpad:

Top of mind topics to discuss:

  • Adoption of OpenStack NFV features for Kilo in OPNFV Rel.2
  • Priority reviews
  • Draft notes on Etherpad
  • Release life-cycle management and contributions upstream (always try to push contributions upstream or forking OpenStack/ODL/…)
  • packstack extension? So far, as fas I know it supports fedora and RHEL only
  • Neutron NFV features (seem not so active compared to Nova NFV dev) and co-existence with ODL within OPNFV
  • Ceilometer regarding monitoring/fault management requirement
  • Shall we create also a project related to Energy Efficiency (Ceilometer + KWAPI already provide metrics on OpenStack side) ⇒ ETSI GS NFV Virtualization requirements doc (addressing compute node and hypervisors)
  • re-use of Tempest assuming that the goal is not to retest Openstack but to setup a "similar" C/I env
  • Add topics and items…

Attendance at OpenStack Paris

Name Email Days you will at the conference (e.g. 3-6 November)
Zhipeng Huang; 3-6 November
Carlos Goncalves 3-6 November
Morgan Richomme 4-6 November
Arnaud Morin 3-6 November
David Blaisonneau 3-6 November
Adrian Hoban 3-7 November
Mathieu Rohon 3-7 November
Ryota Mibu 3-7 November
Don Bowman 3-7 November
Andrea Pinnola 3-4 November
Christopher Price 3-6 November
Ulrich Kleber 3-7 November
Dave Neary 3-7 November
Bertrand Souville 3-7 November
Vincent JARDIN 3-7 November
Emmanuel de la Gardette 3-5 November
Julien 3-7 November
Yuan Yue 3-7 November
Li Laishui 3-7 November
Yuan Jinkun 3-7 November
Toby Ford 3-6 November
Christopher Liljenstolpe 3-7 November
Dave Lenrow 3-6 November
Jonne Soininen 3-5 November
Juha Oravainen 3-5 November
Yapeng Wu 3-7 November
Daniel Gollub 3-7 November
Marc Koderer 3-7 November
Yuriy Babenko 3-6 November
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