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Governance of project Fuel@OPNFV

Participants in project Fuel@OPNFV agree to the following governance:

Fuel@OPNFV participation

  • Anyone can join the Fuel@OPNFV project as a contributor
  • Anyone can nominate him/her self to become a Fuel@OPNFV committer pending approval by an absolute majority vote result from Fuel@OPNFV committers, prior merits in OPNFV or other open source initiatives counts a lot!

Fuel@OPNFV Project lead

  • Fuel@OPNFV project leads must be a project committer during his/her time as project lead - thus the nomination/election of a project lead inherently means nomination/election of a project committer, including the merit requirements that comes with a committer approval.
  • The OPNFV@Fuel project leadership is a one year assignment, the project leadership assignment period spans from June 1 to June 1 the following year. Project lead nomination candidates shall be at hand one calendar month before the assignment period ends.
  • A project lead must receive a relative majority in respect to the nominees, all committers MUST vote.
  • A project lead nominee candidature is not valid unless the nominee agrees and confirms his/her nomination.
  • There is no restriction on number of assignment periods for a project leader.
  • Only project committers are eligible for project lead voting/election.
  • The voting/election is open/non-anonymized and takes place in a regular weekly project meeting.
  • In case a project lead wants to step down prior to his/her assignment period ends, it is advisable to do so 2 month prior to effect, this to give time for a thorough nomination and election process.

Fuel@OPNFV rules of arbitration

Although Fuel@OPNFV is an Open-source project with the lead-star of Meritocracy, the expectation of the project lead is that, in consensus with the project committers - steer the project into sound future prospects, keeping project and architectural goals in mind. A well respected OPNFV@Fuel project lead should under normal conditions be able to do that by finding consensus - only in extraordinary cases should formal voting be used.

Formal voting on decisions can be requested if an absolute majority of the project committers request this. In this case, only committers are eligible to vote, and the result should follow the single majority vote outcome.

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