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Functest Cleanup script

This is a list of the default items in Openstack that are created by default by the different installers. The cleanup script will remove all the Openstack components but these:

installers fuel apex compass joid
networks ['net04', 'net04_ext'] ['internal', 'external'] ['ext-net'] -
routers ['router04'] -
tenants ['admin','services'] ['admin','services'] ['admin','service','demo'] -
users ['heat', 'heat-cfn', 'cinder', 'nova', 'swift', 'glance', 'neutron', 'admin', 'fuel_stats_user'] ['heat', 'heat-cfn', 'cinder', 'nova', 'swift', 'glance', 'neutron', 'admin'] ['admin', 'ceilometer', 'cinder', 'demo', 'glance', 'heat', 'keystone', 'neutron', 'nova'] ['admin', 'glance', 'nova', 'quantum']
images ['TestVM']
sec.groups ['default'] ['default'] ['default']
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