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Is my feature an install-time or post-install-time feature?

How to choose whether a feature should be integrated with installers or not. Here's a pretty simple guide:

Install-time features & functionality:

The OPNFV project provides features and functionality that are intended to be part of the OPNFV system as part of the release. While not required, it is recommended that an install-time feature be supported by all the installers. Projects are asked to follow Genesis work procedures and integration guidelines to get their feature/functionality supported by all installers.

Examples of install-time features:

  • Components and features which work together as a system - forming an instance of OPNFV. Components which have mutual dependencies.
  • Components which have e.g. Linux distribution dependencies (i.e. if a component is slightly different for Ubuntu or Centos), require a specific OpenStack component to be present and installed, etc.

Post-install/project-specific install:

Non-feature/functionality OPNFV projects like testing projects, which do not provide features/functionality for the OPNFV system platform.


  • The project requires a specific environment, different from or complementary to the OPNFV platform, to execute. The specific environment is often a test environment. Test projects like VSPERF or QTIP are good examples.
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