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Example Genesis Proposal

Hello Genesis Team,

For the OPNFV SFC project I would like to request the following requirements be added into OPNFV B release:

Project Name: Service Function Chaining
Lead: Brady
Target Release: B Release
List of Requirements:
1. Tacker installed as an OpenStack Service
2. Specific OVS installation with NSH support
Purpose: These requirements are necessary in order to support service function chaining with OpenDaylight.
Requirement Scope:
1. Tacker is an already supported OpenStack service. Currently OPNFV does not install this service and we would need installers to integrate it. It can be pulled from upstream repos and the service itself consists of a horizon plugin, a client application, and the server application. It would be installed and running on each Controller node.
2. The current OPNFV OVS implementation does not support NSH. This requirment would propose an alternative OVS intall to a specific version of upstream OVS that contains this support. The packaging is already done so it can be isntalled in CentOS 7 or Ubuntu 14.04.
Affected OPNFV Components:
1. Tacker would modify how OpenStack is installed - extra service, may need HA proxy support and require extra virtual ip addresses (VIPs).
2. NSH OVS would modify the version of OVS that gets installed.
Timeline: In order to integrate into CI and fix bugs with SFC we would require implementation at least 2 months prior to B-release.

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