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How to enable Virtualization Extensions (VT-x and VT-d)

Normally, VT-x and VT-d should be enabled on the typical POD server. Since the POD's are a shared resource it is possible that the settings may be reset or modified by users working in a POD. Here's how one can go about enabling the virtualization extensions again.

  • Select "Advanced" and press Enter:

  • Select “Processor Configuration” and press Enter:

  • Select “Intel® Virtualization Technology” and press Enter, then select “Enabled” from the popup menu and press Enter again:

  • Verify “Intel® Virtualization Technology” indicates enabled:

  • Hit ESC, select “Integrated IO Configuration”, press Enter:

  • Enable VT-d, hit ESC when done:

  • Verify by selecting “Save Changes and Exit", then press ‘Y’:

  • You must power off server before the virtualization extensions will be available. To do this using the RMM, log into the RMM and select “Server Power Control” from the “Remote Control” tab and select “Power OFF Server” and click the “Perform Action” button:

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