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JUJU approach: Current Status

ToDo / List of open issues

For any question, connect to the IRC chan #opnfv-bgs


  1. Have Juju deploy the Juno OpenStack
  2. Have Juju deploy the ODL
  3. Connect Ubuntu OpenStack with ODL for complete functionality.
  4. Deploy OPNFV workload/projects on top of OpenStack created.

Status Update


  1. Working on document to deploy an Openstack and ODL on single node.
  2. Working on document to deploy an Openstack and ODL on multiple node using node.
  3. All keystone issues resolved and we are good to test on the site with available hardware resources.


  1. Installation of MAAS and JUJU works.
  2. JUJU is able to deploy the Openstack with ODL on a single machine for development purpose.
  3. Able to created instance on top of Openstack which gets IP address assigned but not able to confirm it further.
  4. Able to deploy the openstack with ODL on multimode machines.
  5. Deployment successful but not keystone have few issues. Working with team to get it resolved.
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