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Juju Build and Install instructions

Single node

Hardware Requirement:

OS: Ubuntu Trusty 14.04 LTS

Memory: 16 GB

CPU: 4 cores

Hard disk: 250 GB

download the code


Scripts are hosted in OPNFV gerrit

$ sudo apt-get install git

$ git clone

Checkout charms

Charms are hosted on Launchpad. Follow these steps to checkout code:

$ cd joid/ci/odl/

$ ./

This will checkout the relevant charms into 'src' and create any Juju symlinks in 'charms'.

Deploy with cloud-sh-odl on single node

cloud-sh-odl is a collection of development shell scripts to deploy and setup OpenStack with OpenDaylight using Juju's local provider. This will create 3 KVMs as follows:

*KVM #1 - Keystone, Glance, Neutron Server, Nova Cloud Controller, Horizon,

        MySQL, RabbitMQ, OpenDaylight Controller

*KVM #2 - Neutron agents

*KVM #3 - Nova Compute

Deployment can take anywhere between 20 mins to 1 hour.

You need to 'sudo apt-get install juju juju-local uvtool', and logout/login in order to pick up libvirt group permissions before proceeding. See

Follow these steps:

$ sudo apt-get install juju juju-local uvtool

(if you don't already have a key at ~/.ssh/id_rsa).

$ ssh-keygen

$ cp cloud-sh-odl/environments.yaml ~/.juju

$ cd cloud-sh-odl

$ ./

This will deploy OpenStack and import Trusty's daily image into Glance.

Horizon will be located on the machine 'juju status openstack-dashboard' -

http:<ip>/horizon. Admin credentials will be written to cloud/admin-openrc. ODL will be located on the machine 'juju status old-controller' http:<ip>:8181/dlux/index.html

credentials will be admin/admin

The deployment can be destroyed with:

$ juju destroy-environment local

Deploy with JOID for multiple node with MAAS

download the code:

Scripts are hosted in Bazar branch

$ sudo apt-get install git

$ git clone

Pre Requisite:

1. have a single node install with Ubuntu OS 14.04 LTS

2. Minimum four nodes exist and should have been preconfigured and integrated with JOID please have look into this wiki page

Deploy MAAS:

$ ./ <lab and pod name i.e. intelpod5>

Deploy OPNFV:

For kilo openstack, ODL SDN, HA mode in intel pod5

$ ./ -o kilo -s odl -t ha -l intelpod5

Openstack Details

Details of openstack deployment can be found below:

  • Openstack dashboard http:<ip>
  • Admin credentials will be admin/openstack.
  • ODL will be located on the machine juju status old-controller
  • http:<ip>:8181/dlux/index.html
  • credentials will be admin/admin
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