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Minutes of IPv6 Project Meeting on January 16, 2015

  • Date and Time: UTC 16:00, Friday January 16, 2015
  • Convenor: Bin Hu (AT&T)
  • Participants:
    • Al Morton (AT&T)
    • Alexandru Vaduva (ENEA)
    • Mark Medina (ClearPath)
    • Jonne Soininen (Nokia)
    • Parviz Yegani (Juniper)
    • Paul-Andre Raymond (Nexius)
    • Peter Lee (ClearPath)
  • Hardware / Infrastructure setup was ready, and access information (Admin Dashboard) were shared with committers.
    • Bin tried the access.
    • All committers are encouraged to try and break it, gain experience and get on speed
    • Access will be kept within committers only in order to better manage the infrastructure and prevent from any potential risks.
    • All are welcome to become a committer - just need to identify yourself.
  • Next Steps
    • Two approaches will be taken:
      • Top down approach will focus on a VIM-agnostic VM with IPv6 capability. In this approach, we will focus on VM's IPv6 capability which is independent of OpenStack or similar. Related features and requirement will be explored.
      • Bottom up approach will focus on exploring current IPv6 capabilities in Neutron, and how to set it up. Known gaps will be documented.
      • Top down approach and bottom up approach will converge at some point, where further gaps will be identified between VM's IPv6 requirement and underlying IPv6 capability in Neutron.
    • Bin, Mark and team will share relevant document, information and experience with each other to reduce the learning curve of everyone.
    • Goal is to have clearer understanding of steps and specific tasks by the end of next week for further planning purpose

Meeting adjourned.

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