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Minutes of IPv6 Project Meeting on September 18, 2015

  • Date and Time: PDT 8:00am / UTC 15:00, Friday September 18, 2015
  • Chair: Bin Hu (AT&T)
  • Participants:
    • Iben Rodriguez (Spirent)
    • Jonne Soininen (Nokia)
    • Mark Medina (ClearPath)
    • Meenakshi Kaushik (Cisco)
    • Sridhar Gaddam (RedHat)
  • Roll call

Team had a work session at 7am-8am, one hour before regular meeting time to address some of the issues accessing VCT Lab and configuring hardware and VMs.

Our test requirement was reviewed, discussed and revised for test projects to consider.

  • JIRA: IPVSIX-10 Create timeline of milestones of IPv6, and aligned with B release
    • 08/18/2015: B Release Milestone A
    • 08/18/2015: B Release Milestone B
    • 09/25/2015: B Release Milestone C
    • 09/25: Revised PoC 1 Diagram completion
    • 10/09: Gap analysis with ODL completion
    • 10/15: Test Plan completion
    • 10/30: Decision on Snapshot image or Metadata (latency issue)
    • 11/15: Jenkins integration completion
    • 11/30: Test completion
    • 12/01/2015: B Release Milestone D
    • 01/05/2016: B Release Milestone E
    • 02/02/2016: B Release Target Date

The above milestones were agreed. It was noted that the dates may be adjusted based on progress of work.

  • Other update of B Release
  • Jira issue status
  • Gerrit repo status
  • B Release Tasks Update
  • JIRA IPVSIX-12 IPv6 Support / Gap Analysis with ODL
  • JIRA IPVSIX-19 Revision of PoC 1 Diagram
    • JIRA IPVSIX-20: Sridhar adds how IPv4 routing happens for VMs (Tenant B) in the diagram
    • JIRA IPVSIX-21: Sridhar reviews the setup instructions, and see if any change is needed to support dual-stack Service VM vRouter.
    • JIRA IPVSIX-22: Sridhar modifies diagram to use external IPv6 router for the setup of OS+ODL

This item "JIRA IPVSIX-19 Revision of PoC 1 Diagram" is considered complete.

  • JIRA IPVSIX-18 Gap Analysis Wiki of IPv6 on ODL
    • JIRA IPVSIX-23: Iben creates Spirent VCTLab accounts for Sridhar, Meenakshi, and Prakash
    • JIRA IPVSIX-24: Sridhar and Meenakshi set up Lithium SR1 integration
    • JIRA IPVSIX-25: Sridhar and Meenakshi continue ODL gap analysis based on this setup.

This depends on the ODL setup in VCT Lab. Sridhar will continue to look into ODL setup next week. If needed, we will have another work session next week.

  • JIRA IPVSIX-13 Metadata Methodology / cloud.init()
    • Sridhar has done it. Update of further experiment from all

The latency (10-15 minutes) is an issue on laptop. We will monitor if there is still latency issue once the setup is complete in VCT Lab.

  • JIRA IPVSIX-14 Test methodoloy, test case development and testing related tasks (Prakash)
  • JIRA IPVSIX-15 Experiment IPv6 in Kilo
  • Multisite IPv6 Community Lab and CI Integration Update (Iben)
    • JIRA: IPVSIX-7 Experiment and document instructions on Jenkins integration

The Jenkins integration is primarily for functest, i.e. automated functional test of a working IPv6 environment based on IPv6 vRouting capability on a Service VM. The environment looks like:
- Pre-requisite: external IPv6 router (SLAAC), and one physical NIC that is connected to external IPv6 network
- All installation has been done as usual in B Release. Usual functest starts.
- Test script spawns Service VM and configures it using metadata
- Ping6 verifies upstream default gateway
- NMAP discovers neighbors in the same subnet
- HTTP GET accesses external server: e.g.

  • JIRA: IPVSIX-9 Setup IPv6 in OPNFV Community Test Labs
  • Build Structure Update from Sridhar - On hold because we may not need it.
  • Test Completion using FuncTest or other test tools integration (Prakash)
    • JIRA: IPVSIX-27 Test Completion using FuncTest or other test tools integration
  • ISO Structure Update (Prakash)
    • JIRA: IPVSIX-6 Propose Metadata structure of IPv6 ISO
      • Progress update from Prakash and Iben in terms of brown field experience, and vPING and vLOOP.
  • Next Step
  • AOB


Meeting adjourned.

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