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Minutes of IPv6 Project Meeting on October 23, 2015

  • Date and Time: PDT 8:00am / UTC 15:00, Friday October 23, 2015
  • Chair: Bin Hu (AT&T)
  • Participants:
    • Brian Smith (Bell Canada)
    • Meenakshi Kaushik (Cisco)
    • Prakash Ramchandran (Huawei)
    • Sridhar Gaddam (RedHat)

We reviewed actions since last week on Oct 16.

  • Sridhar has set up ODL Lithium SR2, and the same type of issue still exists, i.e.:
    • Security groups for IPv6 is not supported
    • net-virt provider doesn't support IPv6. This prevents us from using Neutron REST API to create subnets because exceptions are thrown.
    • ODL-L3 doesn't support IPv6
    • ODL doesn't support Shared Tenant Networks
    • With this issue, some manual setup is needed instead of automatic setup. But we can still achieve PoC feature.
  • Sridhar has revised the wiki documentation based on new ODL SR2 setup.
  • Sridhar will also revise the documentation for native OS+ML2OVS environment to be consistent with OS+ODL environment

Bin reported his action items:

  • Bin worked with Fuel installer and Apex installer, and got the information that although current target is to bring up odl-l3 instead of neutron-l3-agent, there shouldn't be an issue to keep neutron-l3-agent instead of odl-l3.
    • GENESIS-72 was opened to track this
    • We will re-evaluate the final end-state of installers later on, e.g. December or January, to determine our course of action
    • We may need additional instructions before Step 4, and after installation, to bring up neutron-l3-agent and disable odl-l3, if the end-state of installer doesn't enable neutron-l3-agent
  • Bin added roadmap in wiki documentation, and sent an email to mailing list to encourage community involvement and experiment of IPv6 PoC, and asked for continuous and additional hardware support from community labs, e.g. Spirent.

We discussed testing. 5 test cases are identified:

  • Step 1: verify VM1 and VM2 has been provisioned with IPv6 address based on RA from vRouter
  • Step 2: verify VM1 and VM2 can ping6 vRouter
  • Step 3: verify VM1 and VM2 can ping6 each other
  • Step 4: verify VM1 and VM2 can ping6 ipv6-router
  • Optional Step 5: if ipv6-router is set up external connectivity, verify VM1 and VM2 can ping6 an external address.

We also discussed to have a tutorial session in OPNFV Design Summit on Monday or Tuesday. Bin will talk about IPv6 in Telco Grade Requirement Session of OPNFV Summit on Thursday Nov 12, focusing end user requirement plus technology. So the tutorial session in OPNFV Design Summit will focus on hands-on demo of PoC. Bin will add it in Etherpad of design summit. It is noted that Iben has created an IPv6 demo session at OPNFV Demo Theater on Wednesday Nov 11, and project team's support is expected then.

Actions item from this meeting:

  • Prakash to complete testing plan based on test cases we discussed above
  • Bin to add IPv6 tutorial session in Etherpad
  • Bin and Meenakshi work together to replicate the environment in laptop
  • Sridhar to revise the steps of native OpenStack with ML2 OVS environment.

<Standing agenda and project plan is as follows>

  • Roll call
  • Admin Update
    • B Release Planning Update
      • Requirement on Genesis, CI, FuncTest or anything else?
      • JIRA: IPVSIX-10 Create timeline of milestones of IPv6, and aligned with B release
        • 08/18/2015: B Release Milestone A
        • 08/18/2015: B Release Milestone B
        • 09/25/2015: B Release Milestone C
        • 09/25: Revised PoC 1 Diagram completion
        • 10/09: Sprint C-1: Gap analysis with ODL completion (IPVSIX-18)
        • 10/15: Sprint C-2: Test Plan completion (IPVSIX-14)
        • 10/30: Decision on Snapshot image or Metadata (latency issue)
        • 11/15: Sprint C-3: Jenkins integration completion (IPVSIX-7)
        • 11/30: Sprint C-4: Test completion (IPVSIX-27)
        • 12/01/2015: B Release Milestone D
        • 01/05/2016: B Release Milestone E
        • 02/02/2016: B Release Target Date
      • Other update of B Release
    • Jira issue status
    • Gerrit repo status
  • B Release Tasks Update
    • Epic: JIRA IPVSIX-12 IPv6 Support / Gap Analysis with ODL
      • Story: JIRA IPVSIX-18 Gap Analysis Wiki of IPv6 on ODL (Sprint C-1)
        • Task: JIRA IPVSIX-25: Sridhar and Meenakshi continue ODL gap analysis based on this setup.
        • Task: JIRA IPVSIX-31: Sridhar installs ODL Lithium SR2 to verify some bug fixes in order to complete ODL Gap Analysis
        • Task: JIRA IPVSIX-32: Sridhar revises instructions of Steps 1 through 5 for shared tenant networks and using Neutron REST API to create networks
        • Task: JIRA IPVSIX-33: Sridhar proofreads and verifies wiki documentation for accuracy and up-to-date
    • Epic: JIRA IPVSIX-14 Test methodoloy, test case development and testing related tasks (Sprint C-2)
    • Multisite IPv6 Community Lab and CI Integration Update (Iben)
      • Epic: JIRA: IPVSIX-7 Experiment and document instructions on Jenkins integration (Sprint C-3)
        • Dependent on JIRA OCTO-135
      • Epic: JIRA: IPVSIX-9 Setup IPv6 in OPNFV Community Test Labs
    • Epic: JIRA: IPVSIX-27 Test Completion using FuncTest or other test tools integration (Sprint C-4)
    • Epic:JIRA: IPVSIX-6 Propose Metadata structure of IPv6 ISO
      • Progress update from Prakash and Iben in terms of brown field experience, and vPING and vLOOP.
    • Story: JIRA IPVSIX-29 Create an IPv6 chapter for the configuration guide
      • Required by DOCS-40
      • Dependent on IPVSIX-35 to confirm end state after installation
        • Created GENESIS-72 for neutron-l3-agent after installation
    • Story: JIRA IPVSIX-30 Create an IPv6 user guide chapter for the Brahmaputra user guide
      • Required by DOCS-41
      • Dependent on IPVSIX-35 to confirm end state after installation
        • Created GENESIS-72 for neutron-l3-agent after installation
  • Next Step
  • AOB

Meeting adjourned.

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