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 +* Milestone D -
 +Thanks to the Jira work by Raghu R. we have met the C milestone. ​ The next
 +miles stone is D which, given that this is feature freeze and we are not
 +proposing any new features, means we have already met those requirements.
 +The next milestone is E, code freeze on 1/5/16, and that one is critical.
 +The E milestone will sneak up on us so we have to get moving. ​ Raghu R.
 +will send an email to the ML encouraging everyone to checkout the Jira
 +items and self assign any Jira item to themselves as appropriate.
 +* git tree -
 +Lots of good discussion on the mailing list about the way to maintain our
 +source tree.  Note willing to change the way we are doing things this 
 +late in teh B-release cycle but we can consider doing it a different
 +way for the C-release. ​ This would be a very good session at the summit,
 +Don D. will make sure such a session is proposed.
 +* IRC channel -
 +Turns out our new, Europe friendly time, has a conflict with a prior
 +meeting on the #​opnfv-meeting channel. ​ Don D. will look into finding
 +a way to get another logging enabled channel available at the new
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