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NFV for KVM phone bridge meeting minutes 2015/07/16

  • Got the details of the Goto meetings worked out but the phone call is rather frustrating. We will try and keep the phone call for status updates and do most of the actual work via email. If phone still doesn't work we can consider going to an IRC meeting.
  • Due to phone issue wasn't able to talk about the live migration requirements as much as possible. The two open questions are:
  1. Is the 100msec an arbitrary number - seems to be related to LTE network requirements, might be different in different networking environments.
  2. The pre-copy phase of a live migration will cause a networking slow down, is this a concern and, if so, how much of a slow down is tolerable.
  • Did a roll call of the attendees interests in the 3 areas of the project (interrupt latency, VM communication, live migration):
  1. Interrupt Latency - 7 (Yunhong, Jose, Pratap, Jun, Susie, Manuel, Weidon)
  2. VM communication - 6 (Jose, Pasi, Jun, Susie, Manuel, Weidon)
  3. Live migration - 5 (Pasi, Jun, Susie, Manuel, Weidon)
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