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Create a Meeting

This page might not be needed as there is an existing page:

See this meetbot page for commands to use with IRC during your meeting.

NOTE: This is a draft page for review - needs to be tested.

To create a new meeting, you need a meeting time and a meeting venue. Meetings are conducted in IRC in our publicly accessible and logged meeting channels.

  • #opnfv-meeting

To find and book a meeting time, visit our [meetings|meetings page]. We do have the option of using an iCal feed to find meetings currently in existence. To evaluate the wikipage use Control-F and search for a specific UTC time (the majority of meeting start at the top of the hour and continue for 60 minutes).

If you find you have selected a time which has other occurrences on the wikipage, evaluate date and meeting channel to select a UTC time, date and channel that is available.

Sign into the wikipage using your OpenID (the same as you would sign into Gerrit) and edit the wikipage, perhaps adding a new section for your meeting, and stating the date, time and channel combination you want to book for your meeting.

Then create a new wikipage for your meeting (perhaps follow another team meeting wikipage as an example) and fill in the details about the purpose of your group and why you are meeting. An agenda is helpful.

Here is an example for a meeting entry:

* Weekly on Saturday at [[|1600]] UTC

  • Weekly on Saturday at 1600 UTC

Chair a Meeting

To chair a meeting, show up in the IRC channel a few minutes before the date and time selected. Look for the "opnfv" bot *, it will be responding to your meeting commands. If there is a meeting ahead of you, wait until they are finished, do try to begin and conclude your meetings on time, but be courteous to those ahead and following you, their meeting is important as well.

To start the meeting, issue the "#startmeeting <meetingname>" command. The bot should start the meeting. If the bot doesn't respond to the "#startmeeting" command, ask for assistance (TBD)* *.

The meeting bot will also tell you what commands it responds to as soon as you start the meeting.

End the meeting with the "#endmeeting" command. The "#endmeeting" command takes no arguments. The bot will only listen to the chair of that meeting for the "#endmeeting" command for the 60 minutes following the "#startmeeting" command, after the 60 minutes have expired it will listen to "#endmeeting" from anyone.

All our meetings are logged at* * *. Looking over logs and minutes of past meetings should show you the results of the various meeting commands so that your meeting minutes are output in a format that is useful to you and your team. The logs are based on exact name so "#startmeeting foo", "#startmeeting Foo", and #startmeeting FOO" would all be considered three separate meeting categories in the system. Be consistent in your meeting name to keep your meeting logs grouped together.

  • * May need to be setup
  • * * Need correct link.
  • * * * This was setup in December 29th, 2015
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