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Connectivity Services LSO Team Meetings


* Every Thursday 9:00am - 10:00am Pacific Time (16:00-17:00 UTC Find your local time).

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Meeting Agendas and Minutes

January 28, 2016


*Sunset LSOAPI project in OPNFV

Meeting Minutes

January 21, 2016


*TBD - no topics currently identified. If none then this meeting will be cancelled.

Meeting Minutes

Meeting was cancelled

January 14, 2016


*Evolution of LSOAPI:
-Use case for model-driven - based Service Layer
-Review list of APIs generated by Service Layer YANG modules & identify the methods needed
* Brahmaputra release work items

Meeting Minutes

* Kevin reviewed the current LSOAPI - UNI Manager architecture then shared plans for using comprehensive MEF-compliant Service Layer and Resource Layer YANG models to create a new version of OpenDaylight UNI Manager plug-in for the OpenDaylight Boron release.
* APIs created by OpenDaylight YANGTOOLS from the MEF compliant Service Layer YANG model were shown for example.
* Kevin said the team is currently updating the LSOAPI - UNI Manager proof of concept/demo to show at CableLabs 2016 Winter Conference Feb. 10 - 12. Mufaddal shared a preliminary map application for the demo.
* LSOAPI code is checked in to the OPNFV LSOAPI project repository for the Brahmaputra release. We still need to complete some tasks for the code to be included in the release including running the code on a PHAROS installation, document a 'scenario' or test plan, and provide scripts for installing the LSOAPI run time environment.

January 7, 2016


*Status of LSOAPI for Brahmaputra release
*Next steps: MEF service level functionality in OpenDaylight

Meeting Minutes

Kevin reviewed the status of the OPNFV Brahmaputra release and provided a preview of the next steps for the LSOAPI project.

Code freeze for the OPNFV Brahmaputra release was yesterday. Code from this project (Connectivity Services LSO / LSOAPI) is in the project Git repository ready to be included in the release. The Brahmaputra release of OPNFV is scheduled to occur February 2. The LSOAPI code won’t be useful in the Brahmaputra release because LSOAPI calls the OpenDaylight UNI Manager plug-in, which won’t be in OpenDaylight until the Beryllium release, which is also scheduled for February. OPNFV Brahmaputra bundles the Opendaylight Lithium release (prior to Beryllium), so the UNI Manager plug-in won’t be in it. But at least the LSOAPI code will be a “foot in the door” in the OPNFV open source software.

The next step for the LSOAPI project is to create MEF service-level APIs derived from a Service Level YANG model. OpenDaylight’s ‘YANGTOOLS’ utility converts YANG modules to Configuration Data Tree and Operational Data Tree and ‘stub’ APIs. From this framework code can be added to handle service requests made to the data trees through the northbound application interface and pass the requests to the MEF Resource Layer which in turn configure network equipment appropriately.

Kevin shared via the web conference screen sharing utility the APIs created by OpenDaylight YANGTOOLS utility from a Service Level YANG model derived from MEF service layer specifications.

A lot of work remains to be done to create a working Service-level implementation, even a basic proof-of-concept, and the same for the Resource-level. To start with we need to define the initial use case, select which of the methods are required for the initial use case, define the architecture, and develop the Java “listener” code to handle the service requests.

Kevin issued again a call for participation. Intraway hopes to be able to provide development resources.

Kevin took the action to draft a use case for next week’s OPNFV LSOAPI project call.

December 31, 2015

Meeting cancelled due to New Years Eve holiday

December 24, 2015

Meeting cancelled due to holiday

December 17, 2015


* Tentative: Demonstration of updated Connectivity Services LSO APIs with updated ODL UNI Manager plug-in.
* Tentative: Demonstration of APIs generated from Connectivity Services YANG model

Meeting Minutes

December 10, 2015

No meeting today due to lack of topics.


* The version of Connectivity Services LSO API code in the LSOAPI Git repository are being updated to be consistent with the updated northbound interface of OpenDaylight UNI Manager plug-in.
* Work has begun on converting MEF Service Layer YANG model to the next generation Connectivity Services LSO APIs. Please contact Kevin Luehrs ( if you are interested in participating in translating the YANG modules to service-layer APIs.

December 3, 2015


* Plan for evolving Connectivity Services LSO APIs by converting MEF Service Level YANG model
* Brahmaputra M3 milestone
* OPNFV "branch cutting" strategy
* Readout from MEF LSO Hackathon - November 17 - 19, 2015


November 26, 2015

Meeting cancelled due to Thanksgiving holiday

November 19, 2015

Meeting cancelled due to insufficient topics

November 12, 2015

No meeting this week due to OPNFV Summit

November 5, 2015


* Additional changes to OpenDaylight UNI Manager northbound interface
* MEF Resources Model update
* MEF LSO Hackathon


October 29, 2015


* Changes to OpenDaylight UNI Manager northbound interface and impacts to Connectivity Services LSO APIs
* Updates to MEF Resources model and impacts to Connectivity Services LSO APIs
* MEF LSO Hackathon


October 22, 2015


* MEF Resources model update

  • Collection of components and attributes for MEF services
  • Development of a table of resource-level components and attributes



October 15, 2015

Meeting cancelled

October 8, 2015


October 1, 2015


* Extension of project scope: MEF Class of Service and Bandwidth Profile requirements (continued from last week)

  • Resume discussion of MEF Token Sharing, Excess Information Rate (EIR) management

* Work-in-progress YANG model for OpenDaylight UNI Manager plug-in


LSOAPI Phase 2 scoping considerations - Part 2 October 1, 2015

Consensus About LSOAPI Scope from Meeting

In Scope for OPNFV Phase 2
* Map L2CP frames to a single class of service per EVC (per service)
* Map SOAM frame class of service ID-to-class of service name to mirror data frame class of service ID-to-class of service name (per MEF 10.3)
* Apply bandwidth profiles on a per-EVC basis, i.e., support single bandwidth flow per EVC
* Single bandwidth profile node per profile (no token sharing)

Defer to Later Phases
* Map class of service to L2CP protocols on a per-protocol basis, i.e., allow multiple classes of service per EVC.
* Multiple bandwidth flows per profile / token sharing
* Frame coloring


September 24, 2015


* Extension of project scope: MEF Class of Service and Bandwidth Profile requirements (discussion will continue next week)
* Work-in-progress YANG model for OpenDaylight UNI Manager plug-in (topic deferred)



Consensus About LSOAPI Scope from Meeting
In Scope for OPNFV Brahmaputra release:
* Ethernet Private Line for single-operator service
* EVPL is a 'nice to have' in the information model and APIs if time permits.
* VLAN support
* Preserve LAN packet priority tagging (PCP, DSCP) values between customer LANs
* Class of Service per EVC, including detailed CoS metrics and objectives
* Ingress Bandwidth Profile

Out of Scope for Brahmaputra release:
* E-LAN and E-Tree and multiple operator services are out of scope for Brahmaputra.
* Class of Service names per PCP/DSCP, i.e., multiple CoS Names per EVC
* Egress Bandwidth Profile. To be included in scope in later phases, when E-LAN is in scope.

Discussion to Continue
* Token sharing
* Multiple bandwidth profiles per EVC
* L2CP CoS

Minutes (text):

September 17, 2015

LSOAPI project meeting is cancelled this week.

September 10, 2015


* LSOAPI task list
* Brahmaputra release logistics


September 3, 2015


* Connectivity Services LSO Requirements
* Connectivity Services Manager API and EVC Manager API updates
* OpenDaylight UNI Manager Plug-in - to - Network Element Architecture
* LSOAPI Information Model: EVC per UNI Class
* Metro Ethernet Forum LSO Hackathon


August 27, 2015


* Status Update
* Software Documentation
* API Documentation
* LSOAPI Requirements


August 20, 2015



First Meeting: August 13, 2015


  • Agenda bashing
  • Welcome and introductions
  • Initial project overview
  • Outline objectives for project Requirements


The meeting began late because the GoToMeeting login was misplaced and we were unable to start the teleconference bridge. Eventually we started an alternative GoToMeeting bridge and held the meeting in the remaining time.

Kevin Luehrs presented a project overview for attendees. The project objective is to develop REST APIs that receive requests for creation of Carrier Ethernet service and expose capabilities of OpenDaylight to configure devices with User Network Interface (UNI) attributes and configure an Ethernet Virtual Connection (EVC) between UNIs. A new UNI Manager feature plug in for OpenDaylight will be developed as an OpenDaylight project. The UNI Manager feature plug in supports and provides services to the northbound Connectivity Services Manager API, EVC Manager API and Class of Service API. Working prototype API code has been posted to the LSOAPI repository and prototype UNI Manager feature plug-in code is ready to be posted to the UNI Manager repository in OpenDaylight when that repository is available.

An information model was developed to guide development of the APIs. The model was contributed to Metro Ethernet Forum and we expect it to be incorporated in the MEF Common Information Model which is under development within MEF.

Development of the APIs will continue as a collaboration within OPNFV.

Kevin Luehrs reviewed the preliminary version of the Connectivity Services LSO Requirements: LSOAPI Requirements

Meeting participants contributed to the list of Problem Statements. Since attendance was somewhat light, likely due to the late start, we will review the Requirements again next meeting. Subsequent to the meeting Feature Requirements were added and a Functional Requirements list was begun.

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