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Weekly Project Meeting Minutes From 20th January 2015

  • Review Project Proposal (baseline)
    • Today we had a walkthrough the project proposal some of the key points I would like to draw your attention to include:
      1. The scope of the project (the DPDK APIs and functions for latency and interface monitoring and the sample app) and what’s out of scope (VNF specific processing, Traffic Monitoring, Performance Monitoring and Management Agent).
      2. The proposed 2nd phase for the project (DPDK “Keep Alive” functionality which supports a DPDK failover and HA mechanism).
      3. The APIs and utilities that are in the scope of this project should be a logical extension of existing VNF and monitoring utilities to enable integration with higher level management components in the VIM, MANO, BSS/OSS… To that end, the project committers and contributors for the Software Fastpath Service Quality Metrics project wish to work in sync with the “Doctor” project – to facilitate this.
  • Discuss Project Plan (high level)
    • The aim is to intersect DPDK R2.0 with contribution patches with the specified functionality and any additional documentation updates. DPDK R2.0 is provisionally planned for end March 2015.
  • Project Repo and Infrastructure
    • The Git project repo (fastpathmetrics) has been setup, a Linux Foundation account is required to access it. To create a Linux Foundation account please follow this link: The repo is Gerrit enabled for code review.
    • In terms of bug trackers, the proposal is to use JIRA, the supported bug tracker by the Linux Foundation.
    • Governance model to follow.
    • Jenkins build as an integrated sanity check (Open: Maryam to investigate)
  • Questions:
    • What will the timestamp format be?
      • The initial proposed timestamp would be cycle accurate stamp (RTDSC). However the mechanism will be flexible so that different formats can be supported.
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