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 +===== C Release Planning =====
 +From **[[multisite:​use_cases|multisite use cases]]** we have defined, for **Brahmaputra Release** we delivered the solution for use case 1 by one bugfix in the OpenStack Liberty. In Release C, we hope to cover the following items
 +  * Integration support from at least one of the installers for use case 2 and 3, which are merged into OpenStack Mitaka, and for use case 4 -5 which will need integration work of Tricircle and Kingbird project.
 +  * Setup multi region testing environment with yardstick team to have Multisite scenarios tested.
 +  * Gap analysis with [[ipv6_opnfv_project|IPv6 project]] on IPv6 w/ Multisite
 +  * Further discussion on possible additional solutions for geo-redundancy use case.
 +Depending on resource availability,​ detailed plan and deliverables will be defined by Milestone 2 (April 8).
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