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Project Name:

  • Proposed name for the project: project-name
  • Proposed name for the repository: repo-name

Project description:

  • Provide high level description of intended project and OPNFV use case and benefit, if needed.
  • Include any architecture diagrams or specifications, reference to OPNFV requirements list.


  • Describe the problem being solved by project
  • Specify any interface/API specification proposed,
  • Specify testing and integration:
  • Debugging and Tracing
  • Unit/Integration Test plans
  • Client tools developed for status shows etc.
  • Identity a list of features and functionality will be developed.
  • Identify what is in or out of scope. So during the development phase, it helps reduce discussion.
  • Describe how the project is extensible in future


  • Specify testing and integration like interoperability, scalability, high availability
  • What QA and test resources will be available?


  • API Docs
  • Functional block description


  • Identify similar projects is underway or being proposed in OPNFV or upstream project
  • Identify any open source upstream projects and release timeline.
  • Identify any specific development be staged with respect to the upstream project and releases.
  • Are there any external fora or standard development organization dependencies. If possible, list and informative and normative reference specifications.
  • If project is an integration and test, identify hardware dependency.

Committers and Contributors:

  • Names and affiliations of the committers
  • Names and affiliations of any other contributors

Planned deliverables:

  • Described the project release package as OPNFV or open source upstream projects.
  • If project deliverables have multiple dependencies across other project categories, described linkage of the deliverables.

Proposed Release Schedule:

  • When is the first release planned?
  • Will this align with the current release cadence

Use the above information to create a key project facts section on your project page

Key Project Facts

Project Name: Project Name (repo name)
Repo name:
Lifecycle State:
Primary Contact:
Project Lead:
Jira Project Name: Same as Project name
Jira Project Prefix: [10 Characters max [A-Z] ]
mailing list tag [Should match Jira Project Prefix]
Link to TSC approval: Example
Link to approval of additional submitters: Example

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