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Project: Continuous Integration (Octopus)


Problem Statement:

OPNFV will use many upstream open source projects to create the reference platform. All these projects are developed and tested independently and in many cases, not have use cases of other projects in mind. Therefore it is to be expected that integration of these projects probably will unveil some gaps in functionality, since testing the OPNFV use cases needs the interworking of many upstream projects. Thus this integration work will bring major benefit to the community.

Therefore the goal of the CI project â Octopus â is to quickly provide prototype integration of a first set of upstream projects. Step by step this later will be evolved to a full blown development environment with automated test and verification as a continuous integration environment, supporting both, the parallel evolutionary work in the upstream projects, and the improvement of NFV support in this reference platform.


The CI project provides the starting point for all OPNFV development activities. It starts by integrating stable versions of basic upstream projects, and from there creates a full development environment for OPNFV including automatic builds and basic verification. This is a very complex task and therefore needs a step by step approach. At the same time it is urgent to have a basic environment in place very soon.

  • Create a hierarchical build environment for the same integrated upstream projects as âgetstartedâ, that uses the build tools as defined by each of the upstream projects and combines them. This allows development and verification in OPNFV collaborative projects.
  • Implement automatic build process on central servers - Provide automation and periodic builds
  • Execute the continuous automated builds and basic verification

Octopus Documentation

Additional Information/Links

Related Projects

  • Getstarted assembles and tests a base set of infrastructure components for OPNFV to run a few example VNFs by integrating binaries of the stable versions of the used components
  • Octopus will utilise test and verification artifacts from the test and verification projects to invoke the automated build and release test cases.
  • Octopus Continuous integration in later project stages is dependent on the Simultaneous Release project.


Meeting details:
When: Every Monday 7:00-8:00 PDT (14:00-15:00 UTC)
Goto Meeting, Meeting ID: 150-627-173
IRC channel: #opnfv-meeting @ Freenode

See more details here:

Key Project Facts

Project: Continuous Integration (Octopus)
Project Creation Date: December 9, 2014
Project Lead:
Jira Project Name: Continuous Integration Project
Jira Project Prefix: OCTO
Mailing list tag [octopus]
IRC: Channel:#opnfv-octopus
Repository: octopus


Link to TSC approval of the project:
Link(s) to approval of additional submitters: + email vote,,

Huqiqi, Zhangyu and Weshayutin stepped down as committers removed from committer list by TSC decisions, see
Email address for updated

Email address for and updated
sudha and jerry removed after not responding for one year.
Stefan stepped down


  • Alan Pevec (
  • Bin Hu (
  • Carlos Goncalves (
  • Chengappa M R (
  • Chris Price (
  • Chris Wright (
  • Daniel Radez (
  • Dave Lenrow (
  • Dave Neary (
  • Dirk Kutscher (
  • Dongren Zhao ( )
  • Fatih Degirmenci ( )
  • Frank Brockners (
  • Ian Wells (
  • Jari Korpela (
  • Jia He (
  • Jiang Zhifeng(
  • Jonas Bjurel (
  • Jun Li (
  • Jun Zhang (
  • Mario Cho (
  • Marika Rytkonen (
  • Markus Berglund (
  • Mei Mei (
  • Ashlee Young (
  • Narinder Gupta (
  • Olivier Jacques (
  • Palani Chinnakannan (
  • Paul Quinn (
  • Prakash Ramchandran (
  • Qiqi Hu (
  • Reinaldo Penno (
  • Sajeev Manikkoth (
  • Stefan Berg (
  • Sudha Kumari (
  • Tadi Bhargava (
  • Ulrich Kleber (
  • Vasile Radoaca (
  • Wes Hayutin (
  • Xinyu Zhao (
  • Xiong Zhang ( )
  • Yu Zhang ( )
  • Zhifeng Jiang (
  • Vagish Shanmukh (

Mailing list:; use topic filter: [Octopus]
Meetings: Every Monday 7:00-8:00 PST (15:00-16:00 UTC), see above
Repository: CI

Technical Informations

Project Proposal

Some more details can also be found in the old version of the project proposal.

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