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OPNFV Process to prepare the release

This page describes the steps to prepare the Brahmaputra release.

Brahmaputra Release

PTLs of Brahmaputra participating projects are responsible of

  • Identifying the SHA1 to apply the tag on and release
  • Tagging the SHA1 with the release tag, brahmaputra.1.0
  • If valid, tagging the Docker images with the release tag, brahmaputra.1.0
  • Identifying the exact versions of the artifacts (ISO, RPM, documents, etc. if valid) with the help from documentation, infra, and LF.
  • Making sure the correct artifacts are linked/referred on release page.

Steps to take for Brahmaputra Release

  • PTLs tag corresponding/identified revisions/SHA1s on stable/brahmaputra branch in respective repos
  • LF is notified regarding the final release artifacts
  • LF copies the final release artifacts and documents to Brahmaputra release storage
  • LF creates links to released artifacts and documents on download pages:<tbd>
  • Marketing team send release announcement mail

Brahmaputra Release Tag


Storage Locations for Final Brahmaputra Artifacts


Brahmaputra git tagging instructions

PTLs of Brahmaputra participating projects will apply the tags in respective repos.

SHA1s to Apply Tags on for SR1

SHA1s of the repos are identified by PTLs. If the project is integrated to other projects (such as installer projects) it is important to communicate with these projects as well.

To select the SHA1 to apply the tag for, you can use Gerrit web interface or the git commands as listed below.

  • Using Gerrit Web Interface:
  • Using Git command
    • git checkout stable/brahmaputra
    • git log –graph


  • git fetch origin
  • git checkout stable/brahmaputra
  • git checkout <SHA1>
  • git tag -am "brahmaputra.1.0" brahmaputra.1.0
  • git push origin brahmaputra.1.0

If you get the error ! [remote rejected] brahmaputra.1.0 → brahmaputra.1.0 (prohibited by Gerrit) This is because you are not the author of the commit being tagged. email helpdesk and I will add forge rights to refs/tags/* on your repo.

Please contact aricg and/or other Octopus members on #opnfv-octopus channel if you experience any issues.

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