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Here is a Brahmaputra release milestone C report for OPNFVDOCS.

Status: The opnfvdocs project has a defined and clear scope of work for Brahmaputra level release documents to be coordinated in the opnfvdocs project as described in: We have not yet received detailed requirements from other project on tooling and template needs although we have sufficient room in the planning to accommodate specific requirements. In addition not all dependencies on other projects have been discussed and accepted by the project teams, although the impact of these requirements is not considered to be significant.

Sprint planning is being handled as monthly sprints for the docs projects as we have a lot of cross project dependencies and want to provide room for other projects to accommodate the work in their plans. The sprint planning including deadlines per EPIC is listed below. Sprint 1: October – Complete the toolchain and templates for Brahmaputra release docs Cross project dependencies for this sprint include: OCTO-139, RELENG-38 Sprint 2: November - The Brahmaputra configuration guide Cross project dependencies for this sprint include; SFC-22, LSOAPI-2, PREDICTION-11, IPVSIX-29, MOON-51, SDNVPN-1, DOCTOR-42, MULTISITE-9, VFNGRAPH-4, COPPER-7, FUEL-38, APEX-39, JOID-17, COMPASS-75, GENESIS-58 – The Brahmaputra system description document Detailed planning is pending for this item Sprint 3: December – The Brahmaputra user guide Cross project dependencies for this sprint include; DOCS-66, SFC-23, LSOAPI-3, PREDICTION-12, IPVSIX-30, MOON-52, SDNVPN-2, DOCTOR-43, MULTISITE-10, VFNGRAPH-5, COPPER-8

Readiness: Good to go! While not all tasks are assigned, we are ready to get started and are confident we can achieve our scope for the first sprint. We will in parallel continue to work with other projects to ensure we handle dependencies effectively and fill out the planning for our future sprints.

Issues: opnfvdocs Jira board. There is an issue with our Board and Sprint planning in Jira. There seem to be cross project dependencies arising blocking the use of the board and starting of sprints, further investigation is needed to determine why this is the case. So at this time we cannot show our sprint planning on the opnfvdocs board.

Risks: Resourcing. Still trying to find resources who can help focus on specific docs tasks. Dependencies on multiple projects. Our biggest challenge will be working with our dependencies and ensuring we are able to get the right input to address our needs from other projects already fully occupied. Many of our dependencies have not yet been acknowledged and accepted by the receiving projects.

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